International Sociological Association

Sociology first evolved as a section of the Polish Philosophical Society, which split off in 1957 to form the Polish Sociological Association.

The Philippine Sociological Society started in 1953 as a non-profit association with Securities and Exchange Commission registration.

There are two national-level associations in Paraguay called the Paraguayan Sociological Society and the Paraguayan Sociological Association.

The Palestinian Sociological and Anthropological Association is based at the SBS department at Birzeit University in Palestine.

The Sociological Association of Pakistan, known as SAP, is the officially recognized national association of Pakistan in the ISA.

Norsk sosiologforening, known as the Norwegian Sociological Association, debuted in 1949 as a forum for sociologists in Norway.

TASA and the Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand were established in 1988 from the bifurcation of the joint parent association.

The Netherlands Sociological Association, also called Nederlandse Sociologische Vereniging in Dutch, debuted in 1938.

The Nepal Sociological Association, formally registered on October 9th, 2017 is the national-level sociological society of Nepal.

Association for Friends of Sociology Moroccan Sociology Network is Morocco's officially recognized national sociological organization.

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