Sociology Europe

In May 1951, British academics with expertise in social research established the British Sociological Association, abbreviated as BSA.

The Sociological Association of Ukraine is a non-profit organization that debuted in 1990 for sociologists in Ukraine.

To further social sciences for the benefit of the Turkish people, the Turkish Social Sciences Association started in Ankara in 1967.

Swiss sociologists established the Swiss Sociological Association under Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code.

In 1961, sociologists from Sweden convened in Uppsala to create the Swedish Sociological Association, with the acronym SSA.

The Spanish Federation of Sociology started in 1979 as the successor to the Federation of Sociology Associations of the Spanish State.

A non-governmental organization in the public interest named the Slovene Sociological Association debuted in 1965 in Slovenia.

The Slovak Sociological Society of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is a non-profit organization comprised of sociologists in Slovakia.

The Yugoslav Association for Philosophy and Sociology split in 1960 and the Serbian Sociological Society was thus formed.

Russian sociologists established the Russian Society of Sociologists in 1999 as the successor of the Soviet Sociological Association.

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