Philippine Sociological Society

The Philippine Sociological Society started in 1953 as a non-profit association with Securities and Exchange Commission registration.
Philippine Sociological Society

History of Philippine Sociological Society (PSS)

The Philippine Sociological Society started in 1953 as a non-profit professional association with Securities and Exchange Commission registration. Society debuted with the support of social science professors and researchers from various Philippine educational institutions to advance human welfare and knowledge by fostering and spreading research in sociology and related fields. The PSS also aspires to revitalize, assist, and enhance sociological education and teaching across all social science disciplines by applying the interdisciplinary approach.

Mission and aim of Philippine Sociological Society

  • The primary objective of the Philippine Sociological Society is to serve, develop, and advance its participants’ sociological interests.
  • PSS seeks to advance sociology as a social science field in the Philippines.
  • PSS facilitates professional sociological teaching, seeks to enhance it, and works to provide guidelines for sociology-related academic curricula.
  • By fostering scientific research techniques and statistical tools in research studies, sociological research can be developed and nurtured via PSS.
  • PSS publishes the Philippine Sociological Review and other academic publications to promote research and advance sociological knowledge of society.
  • For sociologists to better comprehend society, PSS often sponsors forums, workshops, lectures, and conferences.

By engaging with numerous international and sociological organizations from other nations, PSS aims to develop networking with sociologists across the globe.

Philippine Sociological Society

International collaborations of PSS

The Philippine Social Science Centre, the International Sociological Association, and the Asia Pacific Sociological Association all designate PSS as a member.

Philippine Sociological Society National Conference/Assembly

Every year, in collaboration with several Philippine higher education institutions, PSS hosts its National Conference. The General Assembly is convened during the conference. The title of the 2021 conference is “The Sociology of Vulnerabilities and Resistance: New and Emerging Challenges on Lives, Communities, and Places.”

PSS Grants/Awards/Honours

In honor of Dr. Gelia Tagumpay Castillo, the society offers research awards, including the Research in Community Engagements Grant, better known as the RICE Grant. Former PSS President Gelia is known for her work in Philippine rural sociology research.

PSS Journals/Publication

Philippine Sociological Review

The Philippine Sociological Review, published annually since 1953, is the organization’s official journal. PSR has written empirical papers on the Filipino community and the Philippines.

The PSR is acknowledged as a research journal accredited by the Commission on Higher Education. The Philippine Sociological Review has an ISSN number filed with the National Library of the Philippines’ Bibliographic Services Division.

PSS E-news

PSS E-news provides the most recent information regarding sociological events.

PSS Membership

Undergraduate and regular membership are both categories included in PSS membership. Benefits of PSS membership include

  • a free subscription to the Philippine Sociological Review,
  • access to PSS E-news,
  • eligibility for research funds, and
  • exclusive admission to PSS events.


The Philippine Sociological Society sponsors the yearly Socio-Caravan to introduce sociology to young people and encourage them to pursue the field. Every year in October, Socio-Caravan is put together before the National Annual Conference.


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