Nepal Sociological Association

The Nepal Sociological Association, formally registered on October 9th, 2017 is the national-level sociological society of Nepal.
Nepal Sociological Association

History of Nepal Sociological Association (NSA)

The Nepal Sociological Association formally registered on October 9th, 2017, in the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, is the national-level sociological society of Nepal. The first General Assembly held on 7th April 2018, formed the executive committee of the Nepal Sociological Association under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Ganesh Man Gurung. Professor Chaitanya Mishra, a member of Nepal’s National Planning Commission during the 1994-95 period in the Nepal government, became the founding president of the new grouping of Nepali sociologists.

Sociology in Nepal has gained broader popularity in various sectors. Its scope is not only limited to academia; it also extends to civil service, the development sector, private research institutions, policy-making, media, and various social sectors.

Most universities in Nepal deem sociology as an essential subject, and the number of students taking sociology is continuously increasing. Thousands of sociology graduates are working across the country. An organization to unite all these sociologists was felt for a long time.

Mission and objectives of Nepal Sociological Association

Nepal Sociological Association is a professional organization of all sociologists working in various sectors of Nepal. It is dedicated to the study, research, and analysis of Nepali society and the enhancement of the discipline of sociology.

The objectives of the NSA are as follows:

  • To conduct academic research related to sociology and promote sociological research.
  • To achieve national and international seminars and conferences for sociological discourse on various social issues.
  • To publish research reports, seminar proceedings, journals, and books related to sociology
  • To honor the distinguished persons who have contributed to the development of sociology in Nepal
  • To secure the professional rights of sociologists and maintain their professional excellence and ethics
  • To create opportunities for the capacity enhancement of the sociologists

Nepal Sociological Association

NSA Conferences

Sociology Mela 2017 was the first major conference by NSA.

International Conference on Social Structure and Social Change

November 21-22, 2017

Urban Development Training Centre, Pokhara

NSA Journal and Publications

Members of NSA are associated with publishing articles in the Sociological and Anthropological Society of Nepal (SASON).

International collaborations of NSA

The members of the NSA actively engage with the Indian Sociological Society and International Sociological Association

NSA Social Media

NSA Nepal Twitter | NSA Nepal Facebook


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