Sociological Association of Pakistan

The Sociological Association of Pakistan, known as SAP, is the officially recognized national association of Pakistan in the ISA.
Sociological Association of Pakistan

Establishment of Sociological Association of Pakistan (SAP)

The Sociological Association of Pakistan, popularly known as SAP, is now the officially recognized national association of Pakistan in the ISA. Currently, SAP attempts to bridge the gap between sociology and social sciences through interdisciplinary studies and engaging with social scientists from the rest of the world. SAP engages in the sociological dissemination of knowledge through the official web portal.

History of Discipline of Sociology in Pakistan

In 1950, sociology was first offered as a graduate-level subject at the Punjab University of Pakistan for degrees in history, economics, political science, and philosophy.

John B. Edlefsen, a prominent professor of sociology at Washington State University, headed the first sociology department at the Punjab University with American assistance in 1955.

Establishment of Pakistan Sociological Association

In April 1963, the Pakistan Sociological Association, abbreviated PSA, made its debut. Dhaka University, part of undivided East Pakistan, convened the first symposium of this association in 1963. Regular yearly conferences were held in Dhaka; however, once Pakistan was divided, the PSA could not carry on its operations. In Pakistan, there is a lack of interdisciplinary approaches between sociologists and other social scientists.

Objectives of SAP

  • The mission of the Sociological Association of Pakistan is to advance sociology as a scientific discipline and profession serving the common good.
  • The SAP seeks to represent sociologists worldwide, regardless of their philosophical perspectives and methodological techniques, and aims to develop sociological knowledge to solve social issues in Pakistan.
  • The association’s goal is to promote collaborative partnerships among those working in the scientific field of sociology and stimulate and enhance research in sociological studies.
  • In their research of Pakistani society, urban sociology, Rural sociology, and sociology of religion are essential topics SAP discusses.

Membership in Sociological Association of Pakistan

Direct application is available for aspirants for PSA membership without a subscription fee. Anyone who has earned a master’s degree in sociology from any institution and has a broad interest in the study of sociology is eligible to join the SAP.

Sociological Association of Pakistan

Journals related to SAP

Pakistan Development Review

The Pakistan Development Review is a renowned publication that publishes research in demography and anthropology. The journal’s primary areas of interest include development economics and allied social sciences. Authors of journal articles give a sociological perspective on social issues. Members of SAP are interested in research studies published in the journal and aim to contribute to social studies through the journal.

Social Sciences Review of Pakistan SSRP

SAP publishes the online, bi-annual publication Social Sciences Review of Pakistan (abbreviated SSRP). SSRP is an interdisciplinary venue for discussing social science research and policy concerns related to Pakistani society. Social scientists will also have a forum to showcase and improve their social research and analytical abilities.

International collaborations of SAP

SAP is a member of the International Sociological Association and regularly engages with sociologists from the rest of the world. Many Pakistanis are currently engaged in social studies research in European and Gulf countries.

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