Sociology Asia

The Sociological Association of Ukraine is a non-profit organization that debuted in 1990 for sociologists in Ukraine.

To further social sciences for the benefit of the Turkish people, the Turkish Social Sciences Association started in Ankara in 1967.

A group of academics involved in teaching and researching sociology and social policy makes up the Taiwanese Sociological Association.

The Syrian Association for the Social Sciences is a nonprofit entity dedicated to advancing sociology and other social sciences in Arabia.

The national academic association for sociologists in South Korea debuted in 1956 and is called the Korean Sociological Association.

Russian sociologists established the Russian Society of Sociologists in 1999 as the successor of the Soviet Sociological Association.

The Philippine Sociological Society started in 1953 as a non-profit association with Securities and Exchange Commission registration.

The Palestinian Sociological and Anthropological Association is based at the SBS department at Birzeit University in Palestine.

The Sociological Association of Pakistan, known as SAP, is the officially recognized national association of Pakistan in the ISA.

The Nepal Sociological Association, formally registered on October 9th, 2017 is the national-level sociological society of Nepal.

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