Netherlands Sociological Association

The Netherlands Sociological Association, also called Nederlandse Sociologische Vereniging in Dutch, debuted in 1938.
Netherlands Sociological Association

History of the Dutch Sociological Association/Netherlands Sociological Association (NSV)

Netherlands Sociological Association, also called Nederlandse Sociologische Vereniging in Dutch, is known by the acronym NSV and debuted in 1938. NSV is also called as Dutch Sociological Association.

Mission of Netherlands Sociological Association

  • NSV works to advance Dutch sociology by fostering sociological research and instruction of the highest magnitude.
  • The NSV seeks to raise awareness of sociologists’ accomplishments.
  • The NSV is a small but dedicated and dynamic organization, and its board comprises representatives from many different social organizations as well as the sociology departments of all Dutch universities.
  • The NSV is dedicated to improving sociologists’ standing in the professional world and employment.

Activities of Netherlands Sociological Association

  • The NSV coordinates the annual Sociology Day with the Flemish Sociological Association. Sociologists present academic research on this day, providing Dutch sociology with an opportunity to reach a global audience. The Day of Sociology attracts almost 250 sociologists from the Netherlands, Flanders, and other countries.
  • With the Social and Cultural Planning Office, NSV organizes the Current Affairs College each year, focusing on sociological analysis of a current social issue.
  • NSV assists its members and other sociologists in peer review of scientific studies of sociology.
  • NSV helps in empowering research methodologies applied in societal studies.

Sociologie Magazine

Previously known as FACTA, Sociologie Magazine is an NSV and Virtumedia periodical. Reports on social scientists’ trends are found in Sociology Magazine. The magazine’s central issues include interviews with eminent social scientists, sociology courses at different colleges, social studies reports, the professional practice of sociology, book reviews, and the most recent information about the field.

Netherlands Sociological Association

Awards and Honours of NSV

Direct awards from Netherlands Sociological Association

The NSV grants these to qualified persons to encourage sociological practice and promote excellent research.

  • NSV biannual award for the best scientific article in a Dutch sociology journal
  • NSV biennial award for best dissertation granted
  • NSV annual award for best Master’s thesis of a student of Sociology at one of the Dutch programs

Policy Prize annual award for the best policy research

The NSV and the Association for Policy Research present this prize for outstanding policy research to emphasize the relevance of effective policy research.

Biennial award for Public Sociology

Every two years, NSV and social present the Public Sociology Prize.

Academic Sociology Course

Numerous Dutch sociologists work in academia, local governments, social service agencies, and other for-profit and non-profit institutions. The NSV has established an academic sociology course that will impart ethical guidelines and suit the in-service training requirements for sociological professionals working in the social sector.

International contacts of Netherlands Sociological Association

The NSV represents Dutch sociology abroad, including in the European Sociological Association and the International Sociological Association, and it keeps in touch with other European social studies-based organizations.

For a long, the Flemish and Dutch Sociological Associations have been jointly organizing conferences.

NSV Membership

Those who are interested in sociology may join NSV by requesting regular membership. The NSV membership fee varies depending on the applicant’s qualifications and several categories. Sociologie Magazine is sent to NSV members four times a year.

Members of NSV receive a discount for the following journals related to Dutch sociology.

  • Policy and Society Journal
  • Mens en Maatschappij, Sociologie Journal
  • Tijdschrift voor Arbeidskalender Journal

Netherlands Sociological Association Conference

The University of Groningen hosted the annual Day of Sociology in 2022.

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