Sociology South America

Venezuelan Sociological Association began in 1950 in Venezuela and is also named Asociacion Venezolana de Sociologia in Spanish.

There are two national-level associations in Paraguay called the Paraguayan Sociological Society and the Paraguayan Sociological Association.

FES was formed as a private law legal entity in 2005, in accordance with the statute of the Ecuadorian Sociologists Federation.

In 1962, the Asociacion Colombiana de Sociologa, generally known as the Colombian Sociological Association or ACS, formed in Bogota.

SBS was initially formed in 1937 as the Sao Paulo Society of Sociology. In 1950, it became the Brazilian Society of Sociology.

The Association of Sociologists of the Argentine Republic, founded on December 12, 2010, is a regular institutional member of the ISA.

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