Palestinian Sociological and Anthropological Association

The Palestinian Sociological and Anthropological Association is based at the SBS department at Birzeit University in Palestine.
Palestinian Sociological and Anthropological Association

History of Palestinian Sociological and Anthropological Association (PSAA)

An association of sociologists and Palestinian human scientists, the Palestinian Sociological and Anthropological Association is based at the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Birzeit University in Palestine.

According to Palestine’s statute on charities, the organization had its debut in 2016. Doctoral candidates in sociology and anthropology are also members of the society, along with professors and researchers from several institutions who work on sociological and anthropological projects both within and outside of Palestine.

The association’s motto and logo, which are meant to be a seal and a sign of love and acceptance, were both inspired by the Tawfiq Kanaan collection.

Palestinian Sociological and Anthropological Association

PSAA Membership

Post-graduates in sociology and the humanities are eligible to join the society as regular members and associate members, respectively. Having a Ph.D. in sociology or anthropology and professional experience in the subject is essential to being a full member of PSAA. A participant membership of PSAA is 

available for a master’s or Ph.D. candidate who has published papers in sociological or anthropological publications.

Mission and Vision of Palestinian Sociological and Anthropological Association

  • PSAA aspires to promote social issues research, connect institutions and scholars involved in the sociological and anthropological study in Palestine, and establish connections with Palestinian researchers based overseas.
  • PSAA incorporates sociological and anthropological research to promote and enhance the sociological understanding of Palestinian society.
  • PSAA engages in the establishment of scientific journals, conferences, seminars, and sociology study days.
  • PSAA studies social phenomena in connection to the colonial history of Palestine society and contributes to developing a scientific approach to Palestinian social studies.
  • PSAA strives for an interdisciplinary approach to academic and social research.
  • Tabriz sociology community from Iran is a supporter of PSAA activities.
  • PSAA creates a social understanding of Palestinians and Arabs using its own methodological and theoretical techniques.
  • Collective thinking, critical analysis, and scientific exploration of Palestine society is the primary objective of PSAA.
  • To more effectively address social concerns, PSAA applies scientific ideas and methodologies to identify and analyze the social events and problems that are part of the Palestinian social structure.
  • PSAA wants to establish itself as the primary association for educating the world community about colonialism issues in Palestine, Palestinian culture, and social issues.

International collaborations of PSAA

PSAA actively engages with Islamic countries to promote its independence movement from Israel. PSAA is a member of the International Sociological Association.

PSAA Social Media Relevant Links

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