Azerbaijan Sociological Association

In 1996, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Justice established and registered Azerbaijan Sociological Association.
Azerbaijan Sociological Association

Formation of Azerbaijan Sociological Association (ASA)

The Republic of Azerbaijan is an Asian country with a population of 10 million people. Sociology as a discipline emerged in various universities in the previous century in Azerbaijan. In 1996, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Justice established and registered Azerbaijan Sociological Association.

The mission of the Azerbaijan Sociological Association

The mission of the Azerbaijani Sociological Association is to conduct sociological and opinion research, execute social activity aimed at the growth of democracy, and promote the evolution of civil society in Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani Sociological Association’s mission is to work on social issues like health, education, poverty, and the welfare of humanity.

Activities of Azerbaijan Sociological Association

ASA undertakes the whole research cycle, from instrument design and data collection to analysis and presentation of research findings in Azerbaijan and abroad in electoral politics, social welfare, survey design for business, and economic development of society.

A range of possible services are provided by ASA, including refugee and internally displaced person community organizing and development, social rehabilitation of at-risk youth, and training sessions for members of the general public at various levels.

ASA also investigates how various initiatives are implemented and successful, how social evaluations are conducted, and the competence of organizations’ activities in research sectors connected to improving people’s lives.


The Azerbaijani Sociological Association comprises both individual and collective members.

The ASA collective members are experts in human rights, democracy, gender, health, education of children, overcoming poverty, and conflict resolution. The collective members are involved in promoting the Civil Society Organizations in the development of democracy.

Individual members of ASA are from diverse spheres of social sciences and humanities subjects.

Azerbaijan Sociological Association

Headquarters of ASA

Azerbaijanian Sociological Association headquarters is at 20 Yanvar street, Menzel 13, Baku AZ1102, Azerbaijan.

RS, RC, and TG

In the ASA, the research sections (RS) encompass a variety of subfields of sociological knowledge. The research sections include research committees (RC) and theme groups (TG).

National and International collaborations of Azerbaijan Sociological Association

The International Sociological Association has recognized the Azerbaijani Sociological Association as a member (ISA). ASA is legally registered with the PADOR and the DACON Center of the World Bank.

Sponsors/Partners and Collaborators

  • Azerbaijanian Fund for Democratic Elections
  • World Bank
  • Science Development Fund of Azerbaijan
  • Mercy Corps International
  • Central Election Committee of Azerbaijan
  • Resource and Training Center of UNDP for Non-governmental Organizations
  • American University, Washington DC, USA
  • Pathfinder International
  • Azerbaijanian Fund of Aid for Youth
  • “LIDER” television channel
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Azerbaijanian Fund to support the development of NGOs
  • Leader Women Association of Azerbaijan
  • Statoil
  • Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations of Azerbaijan
  • Open Society Institute
  • International Relief and Development
  • UNDP
  • CHF
  • International Committee of the Red Cross
  • German Technical Cooperation

Projects of ASA 

  • Political Research
  • Socio-economic Research
  • Sociological Expertise of the Objects of the Intellectual Property
  • Studies of the People’s Financial Behavior
  • Marketing Research
  • Interviewer Briefing and Training

Azerbaijan Sociological Association Conference

The ASA Congress is the organization’s highest regulatory body, meeting once every four years. During the time between Congresses, the Association is managed by an executive council that the President of the ASA chairs.

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