Venezuelan Sociological Association

Venezuelan Sociological Association began in 1950 in Venezuela and is also named Asociacion Venezolana de Sociologia in Spanish.
Venezuelan Sociological Association

History of Venezuelan Sociological Association/ Venezuelan Association of Sociology

Venezuelan Sociological Association began in 1950 in Venezuela and is also named Asociacion Venezolana de Sociologia (AVS) in Spanish. A group of academics interested in social knowledge and sociological study established the organization. Central University and the University of Wisconsin collaborated in the formation of AVS.

Mission of AVS

The Venezuelan Sociological Association is a group of professionals who want to endorse sociology as a discipline and figure out what society is all about. AVS wants to make it easier for people specializing in sociology to communicate with each other in their own countries and worldwide. AVS encourages the exchange and sharing of information in the field of sociology.

Venezuelan Sociological Association

Activities of the Venezuelan Sociological Association

  • ASV routinely hosts lectures, workshops, and seminars.
  • To further the field, AVS has established research groups in the sociology of labor, sociology of health, sociology of education, sociology of virtual networks, and sociology of terrorism.
  • AVS has actively promoted the progress of sociology by supporting an editorial fund in charge of the Sociological Studies collection.
  • AVS frequently organizes the Venezuelan Congress of Sociology.
  • Sociology periodicals published at the national level are sponsored and assisted by AVS.
  • Members of AVS frequently participate in International Sociological Association conferences and research publications.

AVS Organization Structure

The assembly of members, which elects the association’s executive committee once every four years, is the AVS’s highest authority. AVS’s executive committee is in charge of leading and managing the organization.

Working Groups of AVS

  1. Sociology of Education
  2. Emerging Studies in Sociology
  3. Sociology of Culture and Communication
  4. Sociology of Religion
  5. Methods in Sociology
  6. Human development
  7. Sociology of Virtual Networks
  8. Sociological studies on cinema and culture
  9. Sociological studies on indigenous peoples
  10. Sociology of the Diaspora and Migrations
  11. Sociological Theory
  12. Sociology of Violence
  13. Sociology of Health
  14. Sociology of Science and Technology

Journal of Venezuelan Sociological Association

Open Space Venezuelan Sociology Journal

Open Space Venezuelan Sociology Journal is a publication run by the University of Zulia in Maracaibo, Venezuela. It started publication in 1991. The journal’s main contents are the central theme, several more minor themes, social comments, book reviews, and magazine reviews. The journal aims to publish works in the social sciences that describe social reality.

The international collaboration of AVS

Venezuelan Sociological Association joined the International Sociological Association as one of the national associations with the oldest membership among Latin American countries.

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