British Sociological Association

In May 1951, British academics with expertise in social research established the British Sociological Association, abbreviated as BSA.
British Sociological Association

History of the British Sociological Association

In May 1951, British academics with expertise in social research established the British Sociological Association. The British Sociological Organization, abbreviated as BSA, is the UK’s national subject association for sociologists, and its primary goal is to advance the discipline. The BSA represents sociology in Britain and is the most extensive sociological network in the country. BSA wants to promote sociological research and broaden the field of applied sociology.

Activities of BSA 

  • Sociological Research Online and Cultural Sociology are two important BSA publications.
  • One of BSA’s significant initiatives is the creation of study groups with a variety of sociological specializations.
  • Under the direction of BSA, more than 60 study groups are now in operation.
  • Health, religion, cuisine, ethnicity, urban sociology, and industrial sociology are some of the key topics explored by the organization.
  • The 2005 BSA-founded Applied Sociology Group primarily serves corporations and nonprofit organizations outside academic institutions.
  • Another project by BSA members is the Discover Sociology website, which serves as an online information center for secondary students and instructors by offering top-notch instructional tools for studying and teaching sociology.
  • The BSA had a significant role in convincing the Academy of Social Sciences to establish the Campaign for Social Science in 2011.

British Sociological Association

BSA Membership

Anyone interested in studying society from a sociological viewpoint is eligible to join the BSA.

British Sociological Association Journal/Publications

The BSA’s publishing initiatives are carried out by BSA Publications Ltd, the Association’s business arm, which the Trustees Board of the Association governs.

Sociology Journal

Six issues of the influential sociology journal are published annually, encompassing national and international range and perspectives. Reviews of books, reviews of seminars, transcripts of interviews, and critical theoretical and empirical research pieces are all included in the journal’s content.

Work, Employment, and Society

A worldwide peer-reviewed journal in work, labor, occupation, industrial relations, and labor markets is called work, employment, and society. This biweekly publication examines the intricate relationships between all labor divisions.

Network Magazine

The three electronic editions of the network, the BSA member’s magazine, are released three times a year by BSA Publications Ltd. The magazine’s articles include interviews with industry experts, professional news, reporting on BSA study groups, employment mobility, pages for postgraduate students, book reviews, and foreign reports.

Other publications

The Authorship Guide and the C-SAP Quantitative Methods Report are just a few of the reports and guidelines that BSA produces. Members of the BSA are associated with the publications Sociological Research Online and Cultural Sociology.

British Sociological Association Conference

BSA started organizing the conference in 1953, two years after its formation. The theme of the first conference is “Social Policy and the Social Sciences.” Currently, BSA conferences are organized annually. Many sociology enthusiasts and sociologists from various parts of Europe participate in the conference.

International collaborations of the British Sociological Association

BSA works closely with international organizations to influence policies that impact sociology and enable information exchange. It also represents UK sociology both domestically and internationally.

The BSA is a national group that joined to become the European Sociological Association in 1992. It is a member of the International Sociological Association.

Special Interest and Study Groups

The BSA runs over 60 Special Interest and Study Groups. Study groups concentrate on subjects including media, religion, and medical sociology. People who share similar experiences in their academic and professional life are brought together through special interest groups like Applied Sociology, Early Career Forum, and Postgraduate Forum. A platform is given to each group so they may share research papers and enhance the information exchange at the annual conference.


SAGE Prize for Innovation/Excellence

Each year, one work in the distinguished journals published by the BSA receives the SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence. The prize is awarded to the article from the volume of the previous year to be thought to demonstrate brilliance in the subject. The reward is a free annual membership to the journal of the winner’s choice, worth £250 in SAGE books.

Distinguished Service to British Sociology Award

This esteemed honor is given to the exceptional person who has made the most outstanding contribution to British sociology. All BSA members are eligible, and the BSA President will deliver the award to the recipient.

BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize

The most excellent book written by a single author in the field of sociology is awarded the BSA Philip Abrams Memorial Prize. The award is created in remembrance of Professor Philip Abrams, whose contributions to sociology and social policy studies in Britain were significant. In honor of his contributions, the BSA created this award to encourage young British sociologists and new writers to write in the field.

BSA Support Fund

About 50 individual BSA members who reside in the UK get financial aid each year from the BSA Support Fund.

BSA Early Career Conference Bursary Award

Twice a year, the BSA Early Career Forum grants up to £500 to early-career BSA members so they may give a paper at a conference of their choice.

Early Career Forum Regional Event Grant

The BSA Early Career Forum (ECF) grant, established in 2009, intends to satisfy the unique requirements of sociologists by recognizing the fantastic set of issues beginners face in the present academic and job context.

Postgraduate Forum Regional Event Grant

Every year, the BSA asks graduate students interested in planning a regional postgraduate day event to submit proposals.

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