Slovene Sociological Association

A non-governmental organization in the public interest named the Slovene Sociological Association debuted in 1965 in Slovenia.
Slovene Sociological Association

History of Slovene Sociological Association (SSD)

 A non-governmental organization (NGO) in the public interest, the Slovene Sociological Association debuted in 1965 in Slovenia and brings together sociology enthusiasts from different social science fields, including psychology, anthropology, political science, and economics. The association strengthens sociology’s position in Slovenia’s social life while advancing sociology as a profession and scientific field for research in societal studies. SSD is referred to as Slovenskega socioloskega drustva in Slovenian.

Mission of SSD

The association’s purpose is to scientifically and sociologically relate members to Slovenian social concerns voluntarily. The association aims to help its members do more independent and professional work by giving them ethical guidelines for sociology research studies.

Slovene Sociological Association

Sections of Slovene Sociological Association

Social Work and Sociology

The Social Work Section of SSD is dedicated to social transformation, social cohesion, social justice, and enhancing the quality of life for people in their communities and across society. Its activity complements that of other SSD departments involved in social work. Therefore, the social work section focuses on tackling social injustices and problems for the elderly, the disabled, and vulnerable groups as they exist in Slovenia now.

Intercultural Studies in Sociology

Ethnic studies, intercultural interactions, immigration concerns, and minority issues are addressed under the SSD’s Section for Intercultural Studies. There is much discussion on xenophobia, nationalism, racism, fascism, and hyper-nationalism. The section discusses theoretical and empirical elements of the effect of intercultural phenomena on governmental policy choices. The cultural backdrop of Slovenia is contrasted with that of other Slovenian areas and other parts of Europe and the world.

Section for Sociology of Education

The Education SSD domain intends to generate connections with academic professionals in sociological research to analyze the sociology of education-related topics with a focus on academia.

Section for Sociology of Science

From a social perspective, this SSD section of science explored the development of science and technology. Its goals are to comprehend the aspects of science and technology and to provide answers to societal problems caused by technological transformation and associated challenges.

Gender and Society in Sociology

Sociologists from various public and private institutions are brought together in the SSD’s Gender and Society study section to discuss issues relating to gender, including female employment, girl education, research studies of masculine and feminine, gay and lesbian studies, Transgender studies, constitutional rights of equality, and equal opportunity policies for men and women.

Social Welfare in Sociology

Social security, labor, and social inclusion concerns are covered in the SSD’s social welfare section.

Pedagogical Sociology

The pedagogical part of SSD aims to provide sociology instructors with materials and share knowledge applied in real-world settings.

Sociology of Religion

The Religious Section, launched in 2004, sought to promote the scientific study of religion in Slovenia by holding yearly meetings regularly and promoting the sharing of research-related material.

Spatial and Environmental Sociology 

In collaboration with the Centre for Spatial Sociology of the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Section for Spatial and Environmental Sociology of SSD addresses structural concerns and social challenges of functioning in a physical and natural environment.

Economy and Society in Sociology

Applying a sociological viewpoint to the knowledge of contemporary socioeconomic facts and dynamics is the goal of this SSD department.

Methodological Sociology

To help sociologists with the problem of research methodologies in sociology and other allied social science fields, this area of SSD addresses methodological issues in sociological research.

Terminology Division of Sociology

To advance and deepen sociological study, this area of SSD aims to update and enhance the dictionary of Slovene sociological words.

Sociology classes division

The purpose of this SSD area is to bring together sociologists who are interested in the social phenomena of longevity and time-lapse. Promoting professional ethics and planning events will also provide a support system for its members.

Everyday Life Studies Section

The purpose of this SSD part is to discuss studies on daily life with a focus on contemporary social events and their effects on society. This area encourages scholars to become involved in studying Slovenian daily life by exchanging information.

Sociology of Politics and Society

This SSD part aims to connect the sociological discipline and its research to competently address political and social concerns.

International collaborations of Slovene Sociological Association

SSD is a regular member of the European Sociological Association and International Sociological Association.

Activities of SSD

  • SSD collaborates with various social science societies and groups both domestically and overseas.
  • The SSD oversees and cares for the advancement and growth of sociology teaching and research at universities, colleges, and doctoral programs.
  • SSD contributes ideas and solutions for resolving social issues during sociological dialogues.
  • SSD informs its members and the general public on global trends via a knowledge-sharing online page for the benefit of Slovenian social sciences and modern Slovenian society.
  • The SSD hosts lectures, discussions, symposiums, seminars, and speeches on critical social issues.
  • SSD supports the publishing of academic, scholarly, and general publications.
  • SSD improves sociology’s place in Slovenian society, advances sociology as a science, and is essential to developing and maintaining one’s professional identity.
  • In sociological research, SSD oversees and maintains standards of professionalism.

SSD Membership

Regular, honorary, and student members of the organization are all welcome to register SSD. Members might include both worldwide sociology enthusiasts and the Republic of Slovenian individuals.

SSD Awards/Honors

Recognition of honorary member of the SSD 

A person receives this accolade for their lifelong contributions to various subjects connected to social science and society. The association provides a specific document in line with the provisions of Article 10 of the Statute of the SSD.

Recognition for scientific work 

SSD gives a particular honor to the best book or paper in the discipline of sociology published during the previous three years.

Recognition for professional work in the field of sociology 

SSD grants this honor for work in society, academia, economics, governance, and culture that has contributed to the public’s understanding of sociology.

Recognition of an individual who is not a sociologist

This honor is given to a non-sociologist who supports applying sociology to social problems.

Sociological Hopes Award

This award is aimed at emerging sociologists such as research scientists.

Special award for Sociologists

The SSD presents this honor to sociologists for various accomplishments they feel are crucial to advancing sociology in Slovenia.

Slovene Sociological Association Journal

Social Science Forum Journal

Peer-reviewed papers in the subjects of sociology and other social sciences are published in Slovenian and English by the magazine Social Science Forum, which debuted in 1984.

Book reviews concerning social science subjects written in Slovenian are published. The magazine promotes theoretical and methodological plurality and publishes articles reflecting several social science traditions. Global research patterns in the social sciences are published in the journal. The Slovenian Sociological Association and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana collaboratively publish the periodical. Social Science Forum journal is referred to as Druzboslovne razprave in Slovenian.

SSD Conferences

Sociological Conference of 2021 is themed Pandemic Society and is hosted in the capital city of Slovenia.

SSD Social Media Relevant Links

SSD Facebook | SSD YouTube

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