Sociological Association of Ukraine

The Sociological Association of Ukraine is a non-profit organization that debuted in 1990 for sociologists in Ukraine.
Sociological Association of Ukraine

History of Sociological Association of Ukraine (SAU)

The Sociological Association of Ukraine is a non-profit organization that brings national and international sociologists together. The organization served as the Ukrainian division of the Soviet Sociological Association from 1968 to 1990. At the Constituent Congress in 1990, SAU took on its current form. SAU’s board got elected after restructuring at the sixth Congress of Ukrainian Sociologists, which was held in April 2007. Graduates in sociology were chosen to serve on the SAU board. SAU has a regional branch in most regions of Ukraine.

Mission of SAU

  • SAU was launched to advance sociology in Ukraine.
  • SAU wants to help sociologists conduct sociological research by providing research methods guidance.
  • SAU seeks to promote its members’ professional status and skill set while upholding their legitimate concerns.

Activities of SAU

  • SAU hosts roundtable dialogues, symposia, workshops, conferences, publications of theoretical works, sociological project evaluations, and the development of academic curriculum guides.
  • When planning sociological activities, the institution collaborates with regional SAU sections.
  • The President’s Decree, released in 2001, serves as official documentation of the state’s organizational support for the Association’s work.

Sociological Association of Ukraine

SAU Membership

SAU provides institutional membership and individual membership. Most members of SAU have dual membership as they are part of regional associations established under SAU and national level associations.

International collaborations of Sociological Association of Ukraine

SAU periodically organizes international and national scientific conferences. SAU has been a collective member of the International Sociological Association since 1993.

Sociology Conferences/Meetings in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Institute for Social Research hosts the All-Ukrainian School of Young Sociologists each year.

Annual sociological readings are presented at Kharkiv National University.

The tenth International Scientific and Practical Conference is organized in 2022 by SAU in collaboration with the National Technical University of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Scientific society of students and postgraduates of the FSP, Kyiv branch of SAU, Business Risk Management Group of Warsaw-Poland, and YMCA Europe. The online conference theme is “From Weber to Wallerstein: historical sociology of states and world systems.”

Congress of SAU

The fourth Congress of the Sociological Association of Ukraine is themed “Transformation of social institutions in the information society” and is organized by SAU in 2021 with funding support from ISA.

SAU Youth Sector

  • The Sociological Association of Ukraine (SAU) Board decided to create the Youth Sector in April 2011 as a structural division of the SAU.
  • The SAU Youth Sector is the contemporary Ukrainian equivalent of a single, unified body of young people’s scientific communication.
  • SAU Youth Sector seeks to increase global communication and collaboration in scientific communication.
  • The SAU Youth Sector offers the chance to get practical experience via involvement in genuine initiatives and collaboration with top sociological professionals.
  • The SAU Youth Sector offers the chance to comprehend how applied sociology is used in specific contexts.
  • Students from Ukraine will develop the capacity for progressive inclusion as they gain institutional and practical experience.
  • SAU Youth Sector offers a chance for innovative thought, novel methods, and fresh perspectives.

Sociological organizations accredited by the Sociological Association of Ukraine

  1. Ukrainian Institute of Social Research, Kyiv
  2. Public organization Centre for Social Monitoring, Kyiv
  3. SOCIS Centre for Social and Marketing Research, Kyiv
  4. East Ukrainian Foundation for Social Research, Kharkiv
  5. Research company GfK Ukraine, Kyiv
  6. Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, Kyiv
  7. Kantar TNS Ukraine LLC Taylor Nelson Sofrez Ukraine LLC, Kyiv
  8. Sociological Faculty of Kharkiv, National University Kharkiv
  9. Sociological Group Rating, Kyiv
  10. Sociological Agency FAMA, Lviv
  11. Oleksandr Razumkov Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Studies

Code of Professional Ethics for Sociologists

The Fifth Congress of the SAU in Kyiv, Ukraine, approved the Code of Professional Ethics for Sociologists in 2004.

The Code of Professional Ethics lays forth the principles and ethical code of sociologists’ professional duty and conduct.

Sociological Association of Ukraine Journal

Ukrainian Sociological Journal 

  • Ukrainian Sociological Journal, established in 2008, serves as Ukraine’s official scholarly journal in the social sciences.
  • Since 2009, the SAU and the Faculty of Sociology at VN Karazin Kharkiv National University have jointly published it.
  • The journal publishes the findings of eminent Ukrainian and international experts’ theoretical and empirical studies of contemporary society.
  • Information regarding the academic activities of SAU Ukraine’s regional divisions is also published in the magazine.
  • This journal follows open access policy and believes in the free dissemination of sociological knowledge in society.

Kyiv International Institute of Sociology

About KIIS

One of the top research firms in Ukraine, Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (commonly known as KIIS), provides its customers with a wide range of social research solutions. The National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy collaborates with the private Ukrainian enterprise KIIS. KIIS began as a research facility of SAU in 1990 and became a commercial company in 1992. In Ukraine, KIIS became a trailblazer in developing sociological research standards.

KIIS innovations

KIIS innovations in Ukrainian sociological research include

  • The first manual for interviewers and interviewer’s training in 1992
  • First face-to-face interviews and focus groups in 1992
  • First national software for statistical data analysis in 1990
  • First software for sample design in 1993

Collaborations of KIIS

KIIS has collaborated with the following associations.

  • Sociological Association of Ukraine
  • Ukrainian Marketing Association
  • European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research


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