Swiss Sociological Association

Swiss sociologists established the Swiss Sociological Association under Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code.
Swiss Sociological Association

History of Swiss Sociological Association (SSA)

Swiss sociologists established the Swiss Sociological Association under Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code. SSS is designated as Societe Suisse de Sociologie in French and Schweizerische Gesellschaft fur Soziologie in German. The society’s organs consist of the general assembly, board of directors, office secretariat, and control council.

Mission of SSA-Switzerland

The SSA’s objective is to strengthen sociology in Switzerland and to provide funding for sociological research projects that will enhance the field of sociology.

Membership of SSA-Switzerland

The society’s revenues are comprised of membership fees, profits from publications, grants, and contributions. The membership categories of SSA include regular members, student members, honorary members, and collective members.

Swiss Sociological Association

International collaborations of the Swiss Sociological Association

  • The SSA makes it easier for sociologists in Switzerland to collaborate with those in other nations. It supports cross-border interactions amongst sociologists by being a member of the International Sociological Association and the European Sociological Association.
  • The SSA promotes frequent communication with the German Sociological Association, the Austrian Association for Sociology, and the International Association of French-Speaking Sociologists.

SSA-Switzerland Publication/Journals

The Swiss Journal of Sociology, Newsletter, and Bulletin are all published by the SSA. The Seismo Verlag book series “Social sciences and social issues” is an essential medium for the SSA in fostering the dissemination of sociological information.

Swiss Journal of Sociology

In collaboration with the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences, the SSA published The Swiss Journal of Sociology in 1975. There are three issues of SSA per year. SSA publishes English, French, and German articles on social science theory, methodology, application, and history.

SSA Bulletin

The SSA Bulletin, the institution’s primary communication tool, is issued twice a year and provides

  • information on current events,
  • discussions of scientific policy,
  • job listings, and
  • topics relevant to Swiss sociologists.

Swiss Sociological Association Congress

Every two years, the SSA hosts a themed conference. The SSA Congress promotes connections among sociologists around Switzerland and enables communication between research groups. The members get peer assessment and comments on research-related subjects throughout the congress.

Research Networks of SSA-Switzerland

  1. Economic Sociology
  2. Gender Studies
  3. Sociology Of Health and Medicine
  4. Interpretive Sociologies
  5. Life Course
  6. Migration – Minorities
  7. Religion And Society
  8. Social Problems
  9. Sociology Of Arts and Culture
  10. Sociology Of Education
  11. Sociology Of Law
  12. Sociology Of Sports
  13. Sociological Theory
  14. Urban Sociology


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