Slovak Sociological Society

The Slovak Sociological Society of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is a non-profit organization comprised of sociologists in Slovakia.
Slovak Sociological Society

History of Slovak Sociological Society

The Slovak Sociological Society of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is a non-profit organization comprised of scientific and professional sociologists in Slovakia. The Slovak Sociological Society, founded in 1964 with headquarters in Bratislava, has been a member of the ISA since then. SSS is called as Slovenska sociologicka spolocnost in Slovak.

The mission of the Slovak Sociological Society

SSS’s mission is to promote the growth of sociology as a scientific field in research, to communicate sociological understanding to the public, and to assist its members’ professional and scientific development.

Slovak Sociological Society

Activities of the SSS

  • SSS provides a variety of scientific activities, including dialogues, symposia, workshops, and congresses.
  • Scientific publications, both periodic and non-periodic, are published by SSS.
  • SSS enables several types of scientific communication amongst society’s members.
  • SSS establishes relationships with other scientific organizations and societies associated with sociology and other social science disciplines.
  • Membership in international sociological groups and participation in their activities demonstrates SSS’s commitment to the growth of international scientific collaboration.
  • Using sociological knowledge and methodology in social practice, SSS entails formulating expertise and views for the benefit of the public and other entities.
  • In support of science and research, SSS collaborates with the Slovak Academy of Sciences, universities, research institutes, and non-profit and for-profit enterprises.
  • In the early transition period between 1989 and 1990, the SSS participated in Slovakia’s “velvet revolution.”
  • After learning that sociologists supported democracy, the highest-ranking authorities at the time considered outlawing the forthcoming 2nd Congress of Slovak Sociologists in Martin, Slovakia, scheduled for October 1989.

Congress of SSS

General Assembly of SSS and Annual Scientific Conference 2022 is organized at University in Trnava in 2022 with the theme “Polluted society and its sociological interpretations.”

International collaborations of Slovak Sociological Society

SSS is a regular national association subscriber of the European Sociological Association and International Sociological Association membership.

SSS works closely with ISA to facilitate information sharing and participate in the decision-making processes of ISA’s internal bodies. SSS actively participates in an array of multilateral organizations and strongly supports international collaboration in sociological research.

Slovak Sociological Society Membership

Regular, special, honorary, and collective SSS memberships are available. Members are required to pay an annual membership fee, with student discounts available. Members get the SSS Newsletter, are notified about professional events and new publications, and are permitted to publish in the SSS magazine.

Institute of Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is the major sociological research institution in Slovakia.

It ensures Slovakia’s participation in international comparative research projects such as ISSP, European Values Study, and doctorate programs.

The Institute publishes the journal Slovak Sociological Review and maintains the Slovak Social Data Archive, which makes data files from research in Slovakia accessible to the public. 

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