Serbian Sociological Society | Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia

The Yugoslav Association for Philosophy and Sociology split in 1960 and the Serbian Sociological Society was thus formed.
Serbian Sociological Association | Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia

Serbian Sociological Society/Serbian Sociological Association (SSD)

History of Serbian Sociological Society

The Yugoslav Association for Philosophy and Sociology split in 1960 into the philosophical and sociological sections. The new sociological Segment for Serbia convened an assembly in 1961 under the leadership of Mihailo Popovic. The society’s official name at the time was Serbian Sociological Society/Српског социолошког друштва. In the following decades, it endured name changes and structural modifications until returning to its original name in 2006.

Membership of SSD

Anyone with a degree in sociology who has published significant works in the discipline is eligible to join the SSD under Article 5 of the SSD Statute. Under the same criteria, sociologists from other nations may enroll in the Association. The Association welcomes membership from regional and collective sociological organizations. People who have excelled in the subject of sociology are given honorary memberships. A member of the Association may participate in organizational activities and election procedures per Article 8 of the SSD Statute.

Activities of SSD

The Serbian society organizes seminars, symposiums, presentations, and workshops for members and sociology enthusiasts.

SSD wants to utilize the Association’s activities for its members’ professional and academic development.

Members actively participate in enhancing association goals and objectives and works towards promoting regional associations.

Journals/Publications of SSD

The Sociological Review started in Belgrade in 1938 and is the oldest professional publication in Balkan studies. It is published quarterly. It is an interdisciplinary journal with sociological thinking among its interests. Both English and Serbian versions of it are released in tandem. The production of publications and research projects involves researchers from various nations and Serbian areas. Serbian Sociological Society is the journal’s current publisher.

International Collaborations of SSD

The International Sociological Association recognizes the Serbian Sociological Association as a regular national association member.

SSD Conference

The Serbian Sociological Association, in collaboration with the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Pristina and the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Nis, is organizing an international scientific conference in 2022.

Serbian Sociological Association | Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia

Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia

History of Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia (SSSS)

The organization, intended as a merger of the republic sociological societies of Serbia and Montenegro, has been a focal point for sociologists in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia since 1992. In 2004, the Yugoslav Sociological Association conducted its last meeting under that name. The group was reregistered that year as the Sociological Association of Serbia and Montenegro since the federal state had changed its name. Once the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro dissolved after the referendum, the organization was not reregistered. In 2020, it reregistered and named the entity Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia.

Mission and Vision of SSSS

The non-profit, non-governmental Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia’s objective is to aid in advancing sociology as a scientific field. The SSSS fosters and advances sociology-related local, national, and worldwide research, teaching, and professional activities through its activity programme. To address various social concerns, the goal of SSSS is to promote the practical application of sociological ideas. In particular, SSSS fosters the development of critical scientific thinking on society and the variables that affect social life by acting as a facilitator among sociologists.

Journal Sociologija

Since 1959, the quarterly scientific publication Journal Sociologija has been disseminating theoretical and methodological research articles in social anthropology, social psychology, and applied sociology. The Institute for Sociological Research at the University of Belgrade and the Sociological Scientific Society of Serbia jointly publish it. A bilingual peer-review procedure precedes the publication of Sociologija in English, Serbian, or other foreign languages.


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