Taiwanese Sociological Association

A group of academics involved in teaching and researching sociology and social policy makes up the Taiwanese Sociological Association.
Taiwanese Sociological Association

History of the Taiwanese Sociological Association

Taiwan’s first sociological organization was the Chinese Sociological Society, which changed its name to Taiwan Sociological Society in 1995. Taiwan Sociological Society remained under that name until 2000 when it was renamed Taiwan Sociological Association. A group of academics involved in teaching and researching subjects including sociology, social work, and social policy makes up the Taiwanese Sociological Association.

The mission of the Taiwanese Sociological Association

  • The association is committed to advancing professional growth, improving public welfare, and promoting sociological research.
  • The TSA seeks to better its members’ knowledge of sociological theory, social concerns, and academic dialogues.
  • The TSA publishes a sociological journal and conducts conferences, panel discussions, and seminars.

Taiwanese Sociological Association

TSA Membership  

Regular members, collective members, honorary members, and sponsored members are the four categories into which the association’s members are split. Anyone who supports the association’s goals is eligible for individual regular membership. Institutes, social clubs, and agencies are examples of institutional members. Those who have made exceptional contributions to sociology are eligible to join TSA as honorary members. Members and entities sponsoring TSA can join the association as sponsored members. Council approval is required for all membership categories to become officially recognized members.

Activities of TSA

  • The organization’s main objectives are to bring together social scientists from around the globe, advance sociology, and make it easier for members to exchange data.
  • TSA publishes academic books at the high school and college levels, the Taiwan Sociology Journal, TSA Newsletter, and other publications.
  • TSA frequently holds periodic meetings to support academic endeavors and provide educational seminars to advance professional sociology competence.
  • TSA participates in government research projects and facilitates discussions about societal concerns.


Taiwanese Journal of Sociology

This biannual academic journal has published study articles, research summaries, discussions of research issues, and book reviews from recent years as identified by the editorial board.

Taiwanese Sociological Association Conference

TSA organizes TSA 2022 Annual Conference in association with the Department of Social DevelopmentNational Pingtung University. The conference is hosted at the Minsheng Campus of National Pingtung University. The theme of the 2022 conference is “Know South Row Different.”

International collaborations of TSA

TSA is a national and regular member of the International Sociological Association.

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