Auguste Comte
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    Three types of Cults according to Comte

    There are three types of cults.

    1. Private Cult 
    2. Domestic Cult
    3. Public Cult

    Comte separated the cult into a personal and public sphere. The first was the personal and domestic Cult of the Woman, which had two components. This cult served as the inspiration for the second, which was the public Cult of the Great Being. As “each soul” through personal or “individual effusions,” then “domestic consecrations,” and eventually “social celebrations,” it gradually connected itself to the family, nation, and Humanity.

    The three guardian angels had a role in the private cult of woman’s personal aspect since it was believed that the most significant way to appreciate women was to consider the women in one’s own life. These women would be revered as fetishistic and polytheistic “home gods.” A man would cherish his mother, wife, and daughter in so-called normal conditions. These three women would serve as his role models, supporters, and guardians, encouraging him to perform good deeds and developing his selflessness, the most precious quality in him.

    The first two cult forms—private confessions and prayers and the Sacraments, which include the involvement of society in personal affairs—were put into reality by Comte.

    Comte did not establish the third cult, sometimes known as the public cult. Instead, Comte says it can only be implemented when the general public’s thinking is more ready.

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