Auguste Comte
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    Methods of Sociological Inquiry

    As a social science, sociology has attempted to build its own investigation technique. Unlike other social sciences, sociology faces more difficulties developing an acceptable methodology. The social life of man is complicated and multifaceted. Sociologists have a challenging role in collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, and eventually generalizing social data that is vast, complicated, and elusive.

    Research is vital in increasing theoretical knowledge by either adding to or falsifying current information on a specific issue or creating new knowledge on previously uncharted fields. Comte’s techniques of inquiry have aided in the advancement of sociological research.

    Comte was the first social theorist to consider methodological issues, such as how data about the social world should be obtained and utilized to build and test theoretical notions.

    When entrusted with explaining the laws of progress and social order, the resources available to sociology are, first and foremost, those that have been deployed so effectively in the natural sciences.

    Methods of social research include

    1. Observation

    2. Experimentation

    3. Comparison

    4. Historical method/Historical analysis

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