Indian Sociological Society

The Indian Sociological Society, a national society of sociologists in Bombay, debuted with support from Prof. G. S. Ghurye.
Indian Sociological Society

History of Indian Sociological Society (ISS)

Formation of ISS

Indian Sociological Society is a national society of sociologists in Bombay, debuted with instrumental support from Prof. G. S. Ghurye, Head of the Sociology Department at the University of Bombay. ISS debuted in December 1951 under the Societies Registration Act with G. S. Ghurye as its first president and continued his presidency till 1956. Professors J. V. Fereira and K. M. Kapadia were important ISS founders.

Creation of AISC

Sociologists R. K. Mukerjee and D. P. Mukerjee of Lucknow launched the All India Sociological Conference at the same time as another effort distinct from ISS.

The merger of ISS and AISC

The founders of these two organizations met in the late 1960s to discuss professional sociological concerns and social issues in India. They then agreed to combine ISS and the AISC, and the combined group had its first conference in Bombay in October 1967.

G S Ghurye inaugurated the new conference, and ISS elected M. N. Srinivas as the new President. The Society’s office changed from the University of Bombay to the University of Delhi after the merger. Since the merger, ISS has been regularly hosting the All-India Sociological Conferences and producing the journal Sociological Bulletin.

Indian Sociological Society

Indian Sociological Society Journals and Publications

Three journal publications and a newsletter are both published by the ISS.

Sociological Bulletin

One of India’s earliest English-language professional social science magazines is Sociological Bulletin, established in 1952. Since 2004, it has been published three times a year. ISS inked a deal with Sage Publishers in 2017 to publish Sociological Bulletin, which is now a worldwide publication with readers all over the globe.

Samajshastra Sameeksha

As of January 2014, the Bhartiya Samajshastra Sameeksha Journal of the Society started its publication. This Hindi-language international journal produces two issues a year. Sameeksha is Sage Publications’ first Hindi-language publication.

ISS Explorations

Explorations is an ISS E-journal that was relaunched and renamed in 2017 by the Society. It is published in April and October twice a year as a double-blind peer-reviewed open access journal.

Society has a newsletter produced three times a year, first in print and then online as an e-newsletter. Editorial guidelines govern all of the publications of the ISS.

Awards/Endowments/Funds of ISS

M. N. Srinivas endowment and Radha Kamal Mukerjee endowment

A prize for young sociologists is awarded each year at the AISC, and yearly talks are held in their honour.

Life Time Achievement Award

The ISS first gave the Lifetime Achievement Award at the AISC in 2005. This honour is given to the social scientist considered to be the most distinguished in their field.

Yogendra Singh Endowment Fund

The Indian Sociological Society established the Professor Yogendra Singh Endowment Fund in 2021 due to Mrs. Neerja Singh’s contribution of Rs. 8 lakhs. Each year during the All-India Sociological Conference, a renowned sociologist gives the Prof. Yogendra Singh Memorial Lecture, which is arranged from the interest income of the endowment.

International Outreach

Since 1950, the ISS members have been affiliated with International Sociological Association. Since the ISS’s founding, its members have represented India in the ISA’s executive and as its officials. The Society successfully hosted the Eleventh World Congress of Sociology in Delhi in 1986.

ISS collaborates with the following associations also

Membership of ISS

Individual, collective, institutional, and life memberships are available via ISS, and subscription costs are calculated per membership requirements. Any person with a university bachelor’s degree in the social sciences is eligible to join the ISS.

ISS Conferences

The All India Sociological Conference, created by R. K. and D. P. Mukerjee, first met in 1955. Between 1957 and 1961, they organized an additional 5 conferences. Since 1965, when the ISS and AISC were combined, the Society held AISC biennially. ISS started to hold yearly conferences in 1993. The rules established by the ISS Managing Committee are applied in conducting conferences.

Conference NumberYearVenueThemes
First All India Sociological Conference1955DehradunSocial Change
Second All India Sociological
Third All India Sociological Conference1958Calcutta
Fourth All India Sociological
1959LucknowPsychology, Social Stratification
Fifth All India Sociological
Sixth All India Sociological Conference1961Sagar
Seventh All India Sociological Conference1967Tata Institute of Social Sciences, BombaySociological Prerequisites of Democratic Polity, Education and Social Change, Industrialisation and
its Social Consequences
Eighth All India Sociological Conference1968Institute of Social Sciences, Agra University, AgraReligion and Modernisation, Political Sociology, Changing Patterns of Stratification
Ninth All India Sociological Conference1969IIT,
New Delhi
Gandhi’s Contribution to Indian Thought and Action, Science, Technology and Society, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Kinship, Education and Society and Teaching Sociology in Regional Languages
Tenth All India Sociological Conference1970Osmania University, HyderabadSociology of National Integration, Socialist Revolution, Sociology of Social Organisation
Eleventh All India Sociological Conference1972Gujarat University AhmadabadSocial Demography, Sociology of Development, Changing Pattern of Caste, Urbanism and Urbanisation
Twelfth All India Sociological Conference1974Banaras Hindu University VaranasiSociology of Conflict, Sociology of Development, Sociology of Law
Thirteenth All India Sociological Conference1976Punjab University, ChandigarhSociologist Observer, Analyst or Interventionist, Sociology of Social Movements, Sociology of Peasant and Workers, Towards reorientation of
Teaching and Research in Sociology
Fourteenth All India Sociological Conference1978Jabalpur University, JabalpurEducation Policies in India, Transformation of Tribal Societies, Changing Status of Women
Fifteenth All India Sociological Conference1980Meerut University, MeerutSocial Stratification, Family, Social Change
Sixteenth All India Sociological
1982Annamalai University, Tamil NaduCaste, Class and Gender
Seventeenth All India Sociological Conference1984South Gujarat University, SuratSocial Action for Change, Ethnicity and Ethnic Processes
Eighteenth All India Sociological
1987North Eastern Hill University, ShilongSociology and Social Transformation
Nineteenth All India Sociological Conference1989Haryana Agriculture University, HissarRural Development
Twentieth All India Sociological
1993Saint Aloysius College, MangaloreIdentity, Equality and Social Transformation
Twenty-First All India Sociological Conference1994Jawaharlal Nehru University, New DelhiCultural Dimensions of Social Change
Twenty- Second All India Sociological
1995Barkatullah University, BhopalChallenge of Change and Indian Sociology Retrospect and Bhopal Prospects
Twenty-Third All India Sociological
1996Shivaji University, KolhapurEcology, Society and Culture
Twenty- Fourth All1997Osmaia University, HyderabadFifty Years of India’s Independence and Beyond
Twenty-Fifth All India Sociological
1998Aligarh Muslim University, AligarhNation, Nationality and National Identity: South Asia
Twenty-Sixth All India Sociological
2000University of Kerala, ThiruvantapuramCivil Society in India
Twenty- Seventh All India Sociological
2001Guru Nanak Dev University, AmritsarHalf a Century of Sociology in India (1951-2001) Challenges, Responses and Expectations
Twenty- Eighth National ISS Conference2002IIT, KanpurGlobalisation and the Indian Society
Twenty-Ninth All India Sociological
2003Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, UdaipurSocial Policy Governance and Mobilisation
Thirtieth All India Sociological
2004DDU University, GorakhpurNational Policy of Social Sciences
Thirty-First All India Sociological Conference2005University of Jammu, JammuRedesigning Sociology, Teaching and Research
Thirty-Second All India Sociological
2006University of Madras, ChennaiScience, Technology and Society
Thirty-Third All India Sociological
2007Karnatak University, DharwadState, Civil Society and Social Justice
Thirty-Fourth All India Sociological Conference2008University of Rajasthan, JaipurYouth, Globalisation and Social Transformation
Thirty-Fifth All India Sociological
2009University of Kashmir, SrinagarIdentity, Development and Nation Building
Thirty-Sixth All India Sociological Conference2010Ravenshaw University, CuttackDevelopment, Polity and Social Tensions
Thirty- Seventh All India Sociological
2011Jawaharlal Nehru University, New DelhiSociology and the Crises of Social Transformation in India
Thirty-Eighth All India Sociological Conference2012Mohanlal Sukhadia University, UdaipurContemporary Indian Society: Challenges and Responses
Thirty-Ninth All India Sociological
2013Karnataka State Open University, MysoreInequality, Social Justice and Empowerment
Fortieth All India Sociological
2014Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, VaranasiDevelopment, Diversity and Democracy
Forty-First All India Sociological
2015KIIT University, BhubaneswarDevelopment, Marginalisation and People’s Movements
Forty-Second All India Sociological
2016Department of Sociology, Tezpur University, TezpurRethinking Sociological Traditions of India
Forty-Third All India Sociological
2017Lucknow University, LucknowNeo- Liberalism, Consumption and Culture
Forty-Fourth All India Sociological Conference2018St. Philomena’s College (Autonomous) Bannimantap, MysuruReconstructing Sociological Discourses in India: Perspectives from the Margins
Forty-Fifth All India Sociological Conference2019University of Kerala ThiruvananthapuramEnvironment, Culture and Development: Discourses and Intersections
Forty-Sixth All India Sociological Conference2021University of Mumbai
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