Nordic Sociological Association

In 1955, the NSA made its debut after national associations of five Nordic nations came together under the Nordic Sociological Association.
Nordic Sociological Association

History of Nordic Sociological Association (NSA)

In 1955, the Nordic Sociological Association made its debut. National organizations from the five Nordic nations are unified under the Nordic Sociological Association. Since the 1960s, the NSA has held biannual conferences as a convention. The Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish Sociological Associations are all part of the Nordic Sociological Association.

Mission of NSA

NSA aims to support members of Nordic countries in information exchange, sociological research studies, and the advancement of sociology as a discipline in European society.

Activities of NSA

  • The biennial Nordic Sociological Conference and the quarterly Acta Sociologica magazine are two of NSA’s primary functions.
  • Through financial assistance for seminars, conferences, and other research initiatives, the Nordic Sociological Association (NSA) strives to encourage professional sociological growth in the Nordic region.

Nordic Sociological Association

NSA Membership

  • Membership applications must be sent to the Nordic Sociological Association’s board and accepted only after a thorough review.
  • National Association Membership consists of membership in associations from five different nations.
  • Individual membership is available to citizens of Nordic nations and outsiders.
  • Institutional membership in the NSA is offered to institutions and organizations at the national, regional, and global levels.

The international collaboration of the Nordic Sociological Association

NSA is a member of the European Sociological Association and the International Sociological Association.

Organization of Nordic Sociological Association

The organizational bodies of the NSA are

1. General Assembly

2. Board of the Association

3. Secretariat

The official name of the NSA

The Association’s official names of NSA in international languages are as follows:

  • NSA In Danish: Nordisk Sociologforbund
  • NSA In Finnish: Pohjoismainen Sosiologiliitto
  • NSA In Icelandic: Bandalag norrænna félagsfræðinga
  • NSA In English: Nordic Sociological Association
  • NSA In Norwegian: Nordisk Sosiologforbund
  • NSA In Swedish: Nordiska sociologförbundet

NSA Journal

Acta Sociologica journal of Nordic Sociological Association

The NSA journal Acta Sociologica publishes peer-reviewed articles on sociological innovations from diverse conceptual, theoretical and analytical perspectives. Original and unique papers, review essays, book reviews, and opinions are all included in the journal’s content. The journal first appeared in 1955, and four issues are now released annually.

NSA Funding

To further Nordic sociology, NSA sponsors projects, symposia, conferences, polls, seminars, and publications. NSA supports initiatives that have a regional and continental effect.

NSA Conference

The Nordic Sociological Association hosts Nordic Sociological Conference every two years. The conference features plenary sessions, eminent scholars, keynote speakers, and working groups.

Nordic Sociological Conference 2002

  • Location: Reykjavik

Nordic Sociological Conference 2004

  • Location: Malmo

Nordic Sociological Conference 2006

  • Location: Turku

Nordic Sociological Conference 2008

  • Location: Arhus

Nordic Sociological Conference 2011

  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Venue: University of Oslo
  • Theme: Power and Participation
  • 25th NSA Conference

Nordic Sociological Conference 2012

  • Location: Reykjavik
  • Venue: University of Iceland
  • Theme: Trust and social change
  • 26th NSA Conference

Nordic Sociological Conference 2014

  • Location: Lund
  • Theme: Exploring Blind Spots
  • 27th NSA Conference

Nordic Sociological Conference 2016

  • Location: Helsinki
  • 28th NSA Conference
  • Theme: Knowledge Making Practices and Sociology’s Global Challenge

Nordic Sociological Conference 2018

  • Location: Aalborg, Denmark
  • 29th NSA Conference
  • Theme: Population aging

Nordic Sociological Conference 2020

  • Canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Nordic Sociological Conference 2022

  • Location: Reykjavik
  • Date: 10-12 of August 2022.
  • Theme: Myths and Realities of the Nordic Welfare State
  • 30th NSA Conference


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