Cyprus Sociological Association

In 1996 the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia, witnessed the formation of the Cyprus Sociological Association.
Cyprus Sociological Association

History of Cyprus Sociological Association (CSA)

In 1996 the capital city of Cyprus, Nicosia, witnessed the formation of the Cyprus Sociological Association. Cyprus Sociological Association is a non-governmental and non-profit organization established to promote the scientific study of Cyprus society. A seven-member executive board governs it and operates under a charter granted by the Republic of Cyprus’s interior ministry. The association is named Syndesmos Koinoniologon Kyprou in Greek.

The Goals of the Cyprus Sociological Association

  • The CSA attempts to educate and train the association’s members.
  • The CSA encourages its members to maximize their contribution to Cyprus’s socio-economic growth and sociological imagination.
  • The protection of the sociologists’ profession and the encouragement of members’ professional activity is the main agenda of CSA.
  • CSA aims to aid in disseminating sociological ideas among citizens of Cyprus.
  • The CSA wants to collaborate with research institutions, to solve social issues.
  • The CSA supports upper echelon educational institutions in teaching sociology to its students.

Activities of Cyprus Sociological Association

  • CSA assists in establishing and operating research institutions with a social focus.
  • CSA participates in international conferences and organizations and keeps up with advances in global social concerns.
  • The major activity includes organizing conventions, workshops, summits, and presentations and participating in them.
  • CSA is involved in collaboration with other sociological associations overseas and with organizations and services related to the profession that might further the association’s objectives.
  • CSA Publishes and participates in outside journals with a social focus, such as ISA.
  • CSA employs social media and mass media to promote concerns and issues of social concern.
  • The development of the association’s library is a major agenda of CSA.

International outreach

The International Sociological Association national association includes the Cyprus Sociological Association as a member. Cyprus and Italian Sociological Associations inked a cooperative agreement on August 28th, 2007.

Cyprus Sociological Association

Collaborations of CSA

  • Library of Sociology in Europe
  • Behavior and Social Issues Research Unit RUBSI
  • British Sociological Association
  • Italian Sociological Association
  • European Sociological Association
  • Association of Greek Sociologists

Major Research areas of CSA

  • Historical sociology
  • Sociology of the family
  • Industrial sociology
  • Urban Sociology
  • Agricultural sociology
  • Medical sociology
  • Sociology of employment
  • Sociology of law
  • Sociology of knowledge
  • Sociology of religion
  • Sociology of education
  • Sociology of technology
  • Sociology of art

Membership of CSA

People who have paid subscription fees and attained a bachelor’s degree in sociology can apply for membership. The membership needs to be approved by the executive council with a fifty-one percent majority. Students can apply for temporary membership, and research scholars can apply for a special membership category. Cyprus Sociological Association, P.O. Box 24005, Nicosia, 1700, is where applications and the yearly membership fee should be sent.

Organizational structure

The bodies of the association include the general assembly and the executive council. The two-year term executive council consisting of seven members manages the association.

Conference of CSA

First CSA National Conference

  • Year: 1997
  • Theme: Cypriot Youth

Second CSA National Conference

  • Year: 1998 
  • Theme: The family in a changing world

Third CSA National Conference

  • Year: 2000
  • Theme: Cypriot Society: continuity and change

Fourth CSA National Conference

  • Year: 2001
  • Theme: Britain and Cyprus: The Impact of Colonialism Part A

Fifth CSA National Conference

  • Year: 2002
  • Theme: Britain and Cyprus: The Impact of Colonialism Part B and C

Sixth CSA National Conference

  • Year:2003
  • Theme: Society and the City: Incorporating Diversity

The 2005 CSA National Conference theme is “The Psychosocial Impacts of Reunification.”

The 2006 CSA National Conference theme is “From Social Change to Nationalism.”

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