Ecuadorian Sociologists Federation

FES was formed as a private law legal entity in 2005, in accordance with the statute of the Ecuadorian Sociologists Federation.
Ecuadorian Sociologists Federation

History of Ecuadorian Sociologists Federation (FES)

Ecuadorian Sociologists Federation is known as Federación Ecuatoriana de Sociólogos in Spanish. Ecuador has 17.7 million people, and 93% are Spanish speakers. FES formed as a private law legal entity in 2005 utilizing the Statute of the Federación Ecuatoriana de Sociólogos.  

Article 11 of the FES Constitution mandates that foreign businesses engaged in social development initiatives in Ecuador have to comprise one Ecuadorian sociologist who is licensed to practice their profession.

Mission of FES

FES aims to improve Ecuadorian sociology and the field of sociology on a professional and scientific level.

Ecuadorian Sociologists Federation

The governing body of FES

FES is made up of the following bodies:

  1. The National Assembly
  2. The National Directory;
  3. The Provincial Associations of Sociologists
  4. The Court of Honor

FES Membership

Graduates of sociology associated with Ecuadorian provincial institutions can join FES.

The FES statute mentions about four types of membership.

  • Active Partners
  • FES adherents
  • Honorary Members
  • Life Members

Activities of FES

  • Organize national and international congresses.
  • Organize cultural and scientific sociological conferences.
  • Create curriculum and courses for sociology.
  • Develop sociological seminars, symposiums, and other events.

International Collaborations of Ecuadorian Sociologists Federation

FES is a member of the International Sociological Association. Sociologists from Ecuador actively engage with sociologists from other Spanish-speaking countries and Latin American countries.

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