Czech Sociological Association

Masaryk's Sociological Association, founded in 1925, is considered the forerunner of the Czech Sociological Association established in 1993.
Czech Sociological Association

History of the Czech Sociological Association (CSA)

The Czech Sociological Association, abbreviated CSA, has been operational since 1993. Masaryk’s Sociological Association, founded in 1925, is considered the forerunner of the Czech Sociological Association. Masaryk’s Sociological Association laid the foundation for the scientific study of Czech society. The autonomous CSA in the Czech Republic brings together sociology professionals, academics, and members of the general public with an interest in the sociological understanding of society.

Mission of CSA

  • CSA encourages the growth of sociology in terms of study, instruction, and application.
  • The association supports disseminating sociological research findings to experts and the general public.
  • CSA focuses on national-level coordination of the discipline, setting up favorable circumstances for association members’ social research.
  • CSA aims to represent Czech sociology in the Czech Republic, its regions, and internationally.


Membership details are unavailable online, and interested persons can contact CSA via this official address – Czech Sociological Association, z. s., Husova 352/4, 11000, Prague 1.

Funding of CSA

The Council of Scientific Societies of the Czech Republic provides funding for CSA’s initiatives.

Czech Sociological Review-Journal

The Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences has been publishing the journal Sociologicky casopis in Czech since 1965. The journal’s English version debuted in 1991. The two language editions were combined in 2002 to create Sociologick asopis/Czech Sociological Review, which now publishes four issues yearly in Czech and two in English. Czech Sociological Review is accessible now in both print and online format.

Czech Sociological Review is the premier journal, backed by an international editorial board and accessible to academicians worldwide. It accepts articles that showcase new research on Central and Eastern European societies and more comprehensive comparative analyses of the social and political trends affecting the area.

Czech Sociological Association

CSA International collaborations 

CSA is a national association member of the European Sociological Association and International Sociological Association.

Czech Sociological Association Awards 

CSA supports young researchers and students by providing the following categories of awards.

  • Benes Award in criminology
  • Miloslav Petrusek Award for the best sociological research publication of the year.
  • CSA Award for the best publication work.

CSA National Conference

The board organized the CSA’s biennial conference in collaboration with Masaryk University’s Faculty of Social Studies.


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