BSOC 131 IGNOU Sociology Assignment Solved 2023
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    Question 3A

    Discuss Weber’s view on the organization.


    Max Weber is one of the classical sociologists of all time and his theories are well known even today. He explained organization in modern society with the concept of authority. Amitai Etzioni’s classification and explanation of organization draw from Max Weber. He said that Bureaucratic administration has the highest form of discipline, stability, reliability, and precision which helps in official tasks. It includes organizations like religious, educational, business, political parties, and the charitable organization. It is one of the major ways to meet goals. It provides calculable results and can handle all administrative work.

    Weber talked about certain conditions which should be followed by a bureaucratic organization.

    1. There must be written rules so that there is a proper arrangement of power in an organization.
    2. A systematic hierarchy must be maintained so that authority is maintained.
    3. Authority is maintained within the office and no one can go beyond it.
    4. Rules and procedures are theoretically given.
    5. All the records are properly safe and written.
    6. The officials and people are appointed based on their qualifications.
    7. There is a difference between personal and professional business and one cannot mix them.

    In a bureaucratic organization, there is a specialization of tasks and a proper division of labor based on one’s merit. The people are controlled in the organization and there is no scope for their judgment as an individual. This is the reason that bureaucratic organization is considered an efficient form of the organization according to Weber.

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