BSOC 131 IGNOU Sociology Assignment Solved 2023
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    Question 4A

    Discuss the perspectives on social institutions.


    Social institutions are formed for human beings and their fulfilment of basic needs. They are the building blocks of society as it consists of norms and beliefs which help in understanding society. They help in meeting the interest and needs of humans.

    Different perspectives study social institutions and help in the understanding of society.

    Functionalist Perspective– They consider institutions as a part of the larger society and work for the well-being of the whole society. Their main aim is to- It adds new members to society by immigration, reproduction, and other means so that the loss of people by death or age, or war can be replaced. It socializes its members according to the needs and ways of society. It helps in the production and exchange of goods and services.

    Conflict Perspective– Even though conflict perspectives agree with the functional perspective, but it adds its idea that institutions act as a source of inequality in society. It creates a hierarchy in society that ranks people. The main aim of the institution is to maintain the concept of power and privilege in society and exploit those who are in lower ranks.

    Symbolic Perspective– It focuses on the micro perspective of institutions in terms of their interaction. Mostly focusing on how institution help in the formation of everyday interaction. Our roles and statuses within an institution help in the formation of interactions and behaviors. For example, the role of a judge is only seen in criminals, lawyers, and other courtroom members.

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