BSOC 131 IGNOU Sociology Assignment Solved 2023
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    Question 1A

    Discuss the similarities and dissimilarities between sociology and political science.


    Sociology is one the youngest of all social sciences and explains human society scientifically. Sociologists focus on the collective behavior of humans in society to understand their social phenomena. Auguste Comte is known as the father of Sociology. On the other hand, Political Science is a scientific study of concepts like state, government, power, and politics. It focuses on the struggle for power over limited resources. Over time, the scope and reach of political science have evolved and expanded their horizons. It studies public affairs and unequal access and distribution of power, prestige, and resources. Aristotle is associated with the coining of the word and the introduction of Political science.

    Similarities– Political Science and Sociology are closely linked with each other in the sense that many sociological theories are used in Political Science. Both disciplines take concepts and ideas from other disciplines like Economics, History, and others. They are equally relevant in Sociology and Political science. Many intellectuals like Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Parson have contributed to both disciplines when they talk about power, bureaucracy, and change in leadership. This interdisciplinary approach is important in this modern society to understand political behavior as well as social behavior. Since our society cannot do without political institutions like the state, the government, and other political institutions which are a part of the social institution. This links Sociology and Political Science. Any change in the political system affects the overall social scenario. Political behaviors are analyzed concerning their social implications making two different disciplines behave in similar ways. Political science is a small branch of sociology.

    Dissimilarities– One of the major differences between Sociology and Political Science is that sociology is more focused on the interaction patterns of individuals as group members. On the other hand, Political Science talks about the idea of power and how it controls people who have access to greater power in society. Another major difference is that sociology focuses on the larger society including different institutions like education, economy, religion, and politics is one of the major institutions. While Political Science is concerned with politics only and the concept of control, power organization, and power structure. The major function of Sociology is to understand human behaviors and how their interaction system is shaped under the influence of society, while Political Science majorly focuses on political actions and behavior as a political entity. The political scientist is concerned with the government, change in power, and leaders. While sociologists are interested in politics as a social institution and how it results in various human behavior.

    Conclusion– Both Sociology and Political Science are academic disciplines and social science subjects. Political sociology is a sub-field in sociology that combines sociology and political science. It understands political and social aspects and this crossbreeding has introduced social behavior of political actions like voting patterns, political socialization, political culture, and others.

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