Japan Sociological Society

The Japan Sociological Society is a national association of sociologists established in 1924 to promote the discipline of sociology in Japan.
Japan Sociological Society

History of Japan Sociological Society (JSS)

The Japan Sociological Society, abbreviated JSS, is a national association of sociologists established in 1924 to promote the discipline of sociology in Japan.

Mission and Activities of Japan Sociological Society

While working with regional academic organizations and promoting global collaboration, JSS engages in initiatives to popularise sociological research and improve sociology education.

JSS regularly holds academic conferences at the national level, publishes journals, compiles standard textbooks, and participates in collaborative research.

Awards/Honours/Grants of Japan Sociological Society

JSS Travel Grant for Starting Scholars from Overseas

This award aims to financially assist up to six sociologists from different countries who will attend and deliver papers at the JSS annual conference in Japan. Each chosen international scholar will get substantial money to cover housing costs and travel expenses.

Japan Sociological Society

Publications and Journals

Previous publications of JSS

Journal of Sociology – Published from 1924 to 1930 period.

Sociology Quarterly – Published between 1931 to 1932.

Annual Review of Sociology – Published between 1933 to 1943.

Sociological Studies – Published between 1944 to 1949.

Japanese Sociological Review

Since 1950, JSS has published the Japanese Sociological Review quarterly.

International Journal of Japanese Sociology

Since 1992, JSS has published the International Journal of Japanese Sociology as an English-language journal once a year.

International outreach of JSS

Since its founding in 1949, JSS has played a significant role in the International Sociological Association. In the 1950s, as part of its worldwide research collaborations, JSS and ISA collaborated on a study on social class and social mobility.

Since 1973, JSS has held several regional and international sociology conferences throughout Asia. The Asia Pacific Sociological Association and the Korean Sociological Association are both partners of JSS.

JSS Membership

With more than 3,600 members, JSS conducts academic activities, including planning conferences and publishing periodicals. The JSS Board chooses membership approval. The membership cost varies per nation, and students are given discounted prices.

JSS Conferences

Since the inaugural annual conference in 1925, JSS has held an academic meeting every year, except for a few times, including during the Second World War era.

Social Researcher Certification System

Developing a certification program for social researchers is a significant result of JSS operations. The program’s goal is to manage the research and institutionalize the need for this profession. In 1991, JSS began debating the need for certification of sociology credentials. In November 2003, JSS launched the Japanese Association for Social Research in partnership with The Japan Society of Educational Sociology and The Behaviormetric Society of Japan.

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