Italian Sociological Association

The Italian Sociological Association is Italy's first sociological and scientific association, and it debuted in 1982.
Italian Sociological Association

History of the Italian Sociological Association (AIS)

The Italian Sociological Association, also known as Associazione Italiana di Sociologia in Italian, is the country’s first sociological and scientific association and debuted in 1982. After World War II, sociology became a more popular academic field. Sociologists of many disciplines and theoretical and methodological vantage points can interact on the AIS platform.

The organizational structure of AIS

The General Assembly and the Executive Board, headed by the elected President, are the institutional organizations responsible for AIS governance. All the members of the research committees and networks at AIS have their chair and governance mechanism.

The mission of Italian Sociological Association

  • The growth of Italian sociological studies and research is one of AIS’s constitutional purposes.
  • By developing the institutional frameworks required for research and aiding sociology students’ graduation studies, AIS seeks to advance its members’ cultural and professional interests.
  • The AIS maintains connections between local, national, and worldwide sociological groups.

Italian Sociological Association

Awards/Honours of AIS

Amalfi European Prize for Sociology and Social Sciences

The Italian Sociological Association’s Sociological Theories and Social Transformations Section founded the Amalfi European Prize for Sociology and Social Sciences in 1987. It is a notable award in the area of sociology. It is given to the author of a recent publication that has significantly advanced the sociological discipline and social research. The prize ceremony takes place at an annual international sociological conference in Amalfi.

Vilfredo Pareto Award for Sociology

Under the direction of AIS, the University of Perugia presents the Vilfredo Pareto Award for Sociology.

Gramsci Piemontese Institute Foundation Award

The Gramsci Piemontese Institute Foundation Prize is given for a piece of writing that uses or examines ideas made by the Italian philosopher and sociologist Antonio Gramsci.

AIS Membership

Individual and collective membership are the two categories of membership that AIS offers.

Italian Sociological Association Publications and Journals

Sociologia Italiana Journal

A biannual journal with editions in April and October, Sociologia Italiana, also known as the AIS Journal of Sociology, offers papers in Italian, French, and English.

It accepts submissions from various disciplines and publishes original articles in all relevant areas of sociology with a focus on Italian society.

International outreach of the Italian Sociological Association

AIS actively participates in both the European Sociological Associations and the International Sociological Association.

AIS Research Networks

A key component of AIS is the research networks, including a scientific committee, a chair, and a secretary. Currently, AIS has 13 Study Networks, each of which serves as a benchmark for theoretical thought and research in its chosen area.

AIS Conferences

AIS periodically plans national and worldwide congresses and conferences and encourages interactions and collaboration among scholars.

Relevant Links of AIS Social Media

AIS Facebook | AIS Twitter | AIS YouTube


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