Israeli Sociological Society

The Israeli Sociological Society, with the acronym ISS, is a non-profit civic association that debuted in 1967 in Israel.
Israeli Sociological Society

History of Israeli Sociological Society (ISS)

The Israeli Sociological Society, commonly known האגודה הסוציולוגית הישראלית  in Hebrew, is a non-profit civic association that debuted in 1967. The ISS has more than 300 registered members and an outreach of over 2500 people interested in social research and social studies throughout Israel. The group’s members choose the president and administration of the ISS association democratically.

ISS Mission 

The mission of ISS Israel is to uphold the academic independence of all sociologists who adhere to professional ethics and norms in the scientific community.

ISS intends to establish sociology as a professional discipline to enhance sociologists’ professional interests and working circumstances.

ISS wants to assemble sociologists from various universities and provide a forum to encourage contrasting perspectives while adhering to egalitarianism, democracy, and a non-bias approach.

Israeli Sociological Society

Aim of ISS

  • The progress of sociological research in Israel is a focus of ISS, along with the promotion of sociology as a field and a profession.
  • The overall purpose of ISS Israel is to increase sociology’s influence on Israeli society.
  • One of the primary objectives of ISS is to establish sociology as the source field for a range of professional domains, including management, policy-making, business, education, and health care.

ISS Awards 

The ISS Israel gives the Louis Guttman Award for Outstanding Sociological Article and the ISS Award for Outstanding Student Thesis annually.

International collaborations of the Israeli Sociological Society 

The ISS Israel joined the International Sociological Association and the European Sociological Association, and it actively participates in their activities.

Certification of applied sociologists

The Israeli Sociological Association has created a practical certification system that functions via a certification committee to regulate the standards to practice sociology as a profession and to ensure the status of the association’s members.

The purposes of certification are:

  • Fostering the integrity and professionalism of individuals engaged in the practice of applied sociology.
  • Establishing applied sociology as a free profession and institutionalizing it.
  • Increasing students’ interest in applied sociology.

Research Institutes that collaborate with ISS

  1. Ripple Centre
  2. Central Bureau of Statistics
  3. The Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem
  4. Jerusalem Institute for Policy Studies
  5. Taub Centre for the Study of Social Policy in Israel
  6. The Adler Institute
  7. Centre for the Study of European Society and Politics
  8. Haim Herzog Institute for Communication, Society, and Politics
  9. Yad Tabenkin
  10. Yitzhak Rabin Centre for Israel Studies
  11. National Institute for Health Services Research and Health Policy
  12. Centre for Internet Research
  13. Henrietta Szold Institute
  14. The Centre for Research and Information of the Knesset
  15. The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies
  16. Myers-Joint – Brookdale Institute
  17. Sarid Institute
  18. International Institute for Holocaust Studies
  19. Negev Centre for Sustainability
  20. Polls Panel Institute
  21. Leo Beck Institute
  22. Opinion polls at the Cohen Institute
  23. Horowitz Institute for Social and Economic Research

Israeli Sociological Society Membership

It is a professional and volunteer organization, and membership in ISS Israel is personal rather than institutional.

Sociologists connected to academic institutions that study society have a place to call home thanks to their ISS membership.

Israeli Sociological Society Conference

A two-day conference is held each January for members of the ISS at a research university or institution in Israel affiliated with the sociology field. ISS Israel organizes meetings and seminars with a specific theme or focus area.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology will host the fifty-third conference of the Sociological Association in 2022 with the topic “Downtown Jerusalem: A Sociology of Complexity.”

Publications of ISS Israel

  • Israeli Sociology and Megamot are scholarly periodicals published in Hebrew that collaborate with ISS.
  • The English-language Schnitzer Studies in Israel Society series is a collaboration between the ISS and Routledge.
  • ISS periodical
  • Sociology online blogging
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Peer-reviewed academic publications

Relevant Links of ISS Israel social media

Israel ISS Facebook | Israel ISS Twitter


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