Hellenic Sociological Society of Greece

Hellenic Sociological Society debuted in the capital of Greece in 2007 to encourage scientific research in the discipline of sociology.
Hellenic Sociological Society of Greece

History of Hellenic Sociological Society (HSS)

The Hellenic Sociological Society debuted in the capital of Greece in 2007 to encourage scientific research in the discipline of sociology. HSS is also called EKE/ Ελληνική Κοινωνιολογική Εταιρεία in the Greek language. The statutory seat of the Hellenic Sociological Society is in Athens, according to Article 1 of its charter.

Objectives and Mission of Hellenic Sociological Society

  • HSS can offer group and individualized support to those who advance the discipline of sociology.
  • The mission of HSS is to spread sociological knowledge across Greek society.
  • The main focus of HSS is the study of social phenomena and social issues in Greece and worldwide.
  • The establishment of HSS aims to advance sociology education in Greece’s educational system.

Activities of Hellenic Sociological Society

  • HSS engages in public discourse on issues about its field of expertise.
  • HSS establishes a library of social and humanities studies.
  • HSS establishes distinctive awards for outstanding scientific achievement.
  • Meetings, seminars, training, international scientific conferences, and public debates are among HSS’s main activities.
  • HSS is engaged in creating publications such as a scientific journal about sociology and society.
  • For the benefit of the Association’s members, HSS organizes communication networks.
  • HSS, to support the specialized scientific interests of its members, establishes research committees and social research sub-groups.
  • They are establishing networks of communication and cooperation with domestic and international academic institutions to advance our understanding of society from a sociological perspective.
  • Following their financial support from private, public, and international entities, the Association’s members are tasked with monitoring or carrying out research programs.
  • To further its objectives, HSS aims to plan social events.

HSS Membership

The HSS members are categorized into regular, corresponding, and assistant. The terms outlined in the HSS charter are followed for members’ registration and departure. Regular members elect themselves to the HSS’s administrative bodies, participate in General Assemblies, and possess the right to vote. Without the ability to vote, corresponding members may participate in HSS General Assemblies, and this privilege is not available to assistant members. Access to the Association Journal and the HSS conference proceedings is free for members of HSS.

Convening of the HSS General Assembly

Every two years in September, immediately after Panhellenic Conference, the HSS Administrative Board holds a General Assembly.

Agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly

The functions of ordinary general assembly include

  • GA creates the HSS overall program and budget.
  • HSS decides on issues and any other topic brought forward by a fifth of the members in attendance.
  • GSA is engaged in approving the audit committee’s financial statement and the administrative board’s account.
  • The next president, the administrative board, and the audit committee are all for election during the general assembly.

Duties of Administrative Board’s President

  • HSS Program’s implementation.
  • Officially speaks for the Association before any authority.
  • HSS monitors the operations of the Administrative Board.
  • The president signs orders for its procedures and payments.
  • The president determines the venue and subject of each biannual National Conference.

Scientific studies of the Hellenic Sociological Society of Greece

The means of conducting scientific work are covered in Article 20 of the HSS statute. Scientific organizations are composed of members with varying levels of academic specialization and are organized around particular subject areas. The charter mandates the creation of a library for social sciences and humanities and the establishment of an institute for social research.

Hellenic Sociological Society of Greece

HSS Journal

The official journal of the Hellenic Sociological Society is the Greek Sociological Review.

Conference of HSS

Every two years, the Hellenic Sociological Society hosts a national sociological conference.

International outreach and collaborations of the Hellenic Sociological Society of Greece

Panteion University of Social and Political Science and Harokopio University hosted the thirteenth ESA Conference organized by HSS in Athens in August 2017.

HSS collaboration with institutions and organizations.

  • International Sociological Association
  • European Sociological Association
  • European Social Survey
  • European Values Study
  • World Values Survey
  • National Centre for Social Research Ekke
  • Department of Sociology, Panteio University
  • Department of Sociology Ekpa
  • Department of Sociology University of Aegean
  • Hellenic Society of Political Science
  • Hellenic Political Science Society
  • Hellenic Criminal Society
  • Social Policy Scientific Society
  • Hellenic Ethnology Society
  • Association of Greek Sociologists
  • Hellenic Note Society

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