Danish Sociological Association 

The Danish Sociological Association, also called DSF, is a non-governmental voluntary association that was developed in 1965 in Denmark.
Sociological Association of Denmark 

History of the Danish Sociological Association (DSF)

Danish Sociological Association is a non-governmental voluntary association developed in 1965 in Denmark. The association is named Dansk Sociologiforening in Danish with the acronym DSF. DSF aims to cultivate sociological minds among Denmark citizens.

The mission of the DSF

Establishing networks and ensuring information exchange across the public and private sectors and social science disciplines are the goals of DSF.

International collaborations of DSF

The DSF and the Nordic Sociological Association started developing close links during the period between 1970-1980. As part of expanding global footprint of Danish sociologists, DSF became part of the European Sociological Association (ESA) and the International Sociological Association (ISA). DSF members started to participate in international congresses and research publications.

Sociological Association of Denmark 

Membership of DSF

The admission to DSF grouping required sociology graduation prior to 2015. The Articles of Association amendment introduced in 2015 removed this subject criterion, and now the membership is open to all members interested in sociology. However, the DSF membership amount varies according to the category, as students are discounted from regular members.

Danish Sociological Association Conference

The conference of DSF is held once in two years, and individuals with an interest in sociology can participate in the conference. Two-day Danish Sociology Biennial Congress includes academic presentations, discussion forums, and webinars.

Sociological Summer Camp

Danish Sociologists created Sociological Summer Camp in 2019. Sociology enthusiasts may debate social issues around a campfire over the summer weekend camp.

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