Croatian Sociological Association

The Sociological Society restructured into the Croatian Sociological Association in 1992 and joined International Sociological Association.
Sociological Association in Croatia

Croatian Sociological Association (HSD)

History of Croatian Sociological Association

The grassroots of sociology started in Croatia as a sociological society in Zagreb in 1918. Rudi Supek opened a full-scale sociology department as a distinct discipline in 1963. The Sociological Society restructured into the Croatian Sociological Association in 1992 and joined International Sociological Association.

The Croatian Sociological Association (HSD- Hrvatsko Sociološko Društvo), formerly the Croatian Sociological Society (Socioloko drutvo Hrvatske), changed its name from the former and later joined the International Sociological Association (ISA).

Objectives and Mission of HSD

  • HSD aims to popularise scientific advances in sociology.
  • HSD encourages and aids the public to recognize notable sociologists, organizations, and scholarly contributions to sociology.
  • The mission of HSD is to promote the ethical standards of the sociological profession.
  • HSD fosters a feeling of professional responsibility among its members and the public.
  • HSD connects to and collaborates with international sociological societies.
  • HSD promotes and coordinates professional and scholarly efforts in the discipline of sociology.
  • The association promotes and coordinates the professional growth of secondary and higher education sociology instructors.
  • Promotes and coordinates professional and scientific exchange within the sociological community.
  • HSD deeply engages with others through forums and counseling.
  • Promotes and coordinates publication initiatives in the sociology area.

International Collaborations of HSD

Croatia is a member of the European Sociological Association and International Sociological Association.

The International Society for the Sociology of Religion and the Croatian Sociological Association collaborated to host the 28th annual international conference for sociologists of religion in 2005 with the theme “Religion and Society: Challenging Boundaries.”

Sociological Association in Croatia

Croatian Sociological Association Membership

The HSD offers three membership levels: associate, student, and regular.

Any citizen of Croatia who has completed their education in the discipline of sociology can join as a regular member. Every citizen of the Republic of Croatia who pursues undergraduate or graduates studies in sociology in that country is eligible to join the association as a student. Anyone who is a sociology degree holder outside Croatia may join as an associate member.

Membership in the HSD offers discounts on subscriptions to Polemos and Socijalna ekologija and a free subscription to the journal Revija za Sociologiju.

Sociological Publications in Croatia 

HSD  published the first edition of Croatian Sociological Review /Revija za sociologiju journal in 1971.

The periodical Polemos, which focuses on the interdisciplinary study of war and peace, made its first publication in 1998 by the Croatian Sociological Association in association with the publishing firm Jesenski I Turk.

Social Ecology/ Socijalna ekologija journal publishes articles and research studies in scientific social-ecological research. The journal’s interdisciplinary nature allows it to accept papers from various subject experts affiliated with ecology and society.


The official website of the HSD provides details of conferences only during the period between 2001-2013.

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