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Survival of the Fittest
Auguste Comte and Herbert Spencer
Moral Actions – Spencer
Types of Cooperation – Herbert Spencer
Critique of Communism and Socialism
Society as a Thing – Spencer and Realism
Comparative-Historical Method
Value Free Sociology of Spencer
Criticism of Herbert Spencer
Herbert Spencer
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    Society and Living Organisms Distinction

    Spencer argues that in a society, not all components would work for the well-being of the whole, but in a living creature, every portion is designed for the good of others.

    According to him, biological beings are visible and connected, but society is also composed of isolated or detachable components.

    In the organism, awareness plays a minor role since each component does not have its own consciousness, but in society, each element has its own consciousness.

    In society, one portion may be capable of independence. It can survive without the total, but if one part of a living creature is detached, it can lead to dire situations and, ultimately, death.

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