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Survival of the Fittest
Auguste Comte and Herbert Spencer
Moral Actions – Spencer
Types of Cooperation – Herbert Spencer
Critique of Communism and Socialism
Society as a Thing – Spencer and Realism
Comparative-Historical Method
Value Free Sociology of Spencer
Criticism of Herbert Spencer
Herbert Spencer
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    Criticisms against Organic Analogy

    According to critics, society and biological creatures are distinct entities. They argued that comparing these two elements was inappropriate since society is conceptual and biological organisms are observable. It is Spencer’s imagination to compare these two components.

    Critics have also asserted that consciousness serves distinct functions in both life forms and society. Each component has a unique central controller in society, but in a biological creature, consciousness is centralized in a single location. Therefore, neither can be compared based on consciousness.

    There are also criticisms surrounding the creation, growth, and demise of societies and biological organisms. However, these two are supposed to have separate birth, growth, and death processes; therefore, comparing them is irrelevant.

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