Hungarian Sociological Association

The Magyar Szociologiai Tarsasag, also known by its acronym MSZT, is the original name of the Hungarian Sociological Association.
Hungarian Sociological Association

Establishment of the Hungarian Sociological Association (MSZT)

In Hungary, sociology was first developed by Andras Hegedus between 1960 and 1970 at the Institute for Sociology of the Centre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Magyar Szociologiai Tarsasag, also known by its Hungarian abbreviation MSZT, is the original name of the Hungarian Sociological Association. Only since 2008 has the Hungarian Sociological Association been engaged in conferences and international cooperation.

A scholarly and expert organization for sociological studies in Hungary is the Hungarian Sociological Association. MSZT aims to unite different perspectives, educational institutions, and social science associations related to the development of Hungarian sociology.

Despite political or party membership, MSZT aims to unite different perspectives, educational institutions and social science associations related to the development of Hungarian sociology. The MSZT association aims to offer an open forum for debating the fundamental concerns of Hungarian inclusive growth and the interaction between science and society.

It aims to reflect professional ideals and standards in scientific policy choices that impact the field. It encourages the use of social research findings by a new generation of sociologists.

Main goals of Hungarian Sociological Association

  • The primary objective of MSZT is to exert political and scientific influence on choices to advocate for the true principles and standards of the field.
  • The mission of MSZT is to increase the visibility of sociology in science, research, and education.
  • For the open discussion and debate of important issues about the growth of Hungarian society, MSZT provides a platform.
  • By offering information and administrative tools for their research and publications, MSZT helps its members with their scientific activities.
  • MSZT facilitates the growth of sociological ideas and research techniques.

Activities of MSZT

  • MSZT facilitates discussions on sociological research topics and examines national and international research findings.
  • MSZT conferences enhance Hungarian sociology and information exchange.
  • MSZT helps members with professional and scientific activities, including publishing.
  • MSZT sponsors debates, talks, and seminars to explore fundamental Hungarian themes.
  • The International Sociological Association’s member organization, MSZT, carries out duties for the ISA’s Hungarian national representation.
  • The MSZT association discusses sociological academic concerns and aims to work with educational and scientific institutions.
  • As it organizes international conferences and discussion gatherings for both domestic and international scholars, MSZT works in fostering and establishing the international relations of sociology.
  • Hungarian sociologists, student sociologists, social researchers, sociology enthusiasts, and multidisciplinary social scientists are all brought together by the Hungarian Sociological Association.
  • MSZT encourages sociological advancement to be used in research, teaching, and other spheres of public life.

Hungarian Sociological Association Conference

Every year, MSZT hosts a national sociological conference. The inaugural conference, with the topic “Flow of knowledge in the Central and Eastern European following the change of regime,” took place in Veszprem in 2008.

Hungarian Sociological Association

Hungarian Sociological Association Journal/Publications

Sociological Review/ Szociologiai Szemle

The Hungarian Sociological Association publishes four issues of the peer-reviewed, open-access journal Sociological Review each year in both Hungarian and English. 

Authentic social science analyses and articles about the history of Hungarian sociological science are published in the magazine. The journal publishes distinctive research on societies in Central and Eastern Europe. Additionally, it accepts more extensive, original methodological and theoretical work.

Review of Sociology Publication

Between 1994 and 2010, the organization edited and published the quarterly “Review of Sociology,” which was eventually amalgamated with the Szociologiai Szemle publication.

MSZT Membership

MSZT Membership is available to anybody who pays the membership cost, and the decision to accept a web portal application is made after the MSZT board has approved it.

International Outreach of Hungarian Sociological Association

MSZT is a formal national association member of the International Sociological Association and European Sociological Association.

MSZT Awards and Honours

  • Angelusz Robert University Teacher Award
  • Forest Medal Award
  • Professor Denes Nemedi Award
  • Karoly Polanyi Award – It is given to the finest books and research publications in sociology.

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