German Sociological Association

German Sociological Association, known by the acronym DGS, is Germany's official national-level non-profit sociological association.
German Sociological Association

History of the German Sociological Association (DGS)

German Sociological Association, called Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Sociologie, known by the acronym DGS, is Germany’s official national-level non-profit sociological association. Classic sociologists such as Ferdinand Tonnies, Max Weber, and Georg Simmel played a vital role in the launch of GSA in 1909.

DGS witnessed restructuring in 1946 after the second world war and has been developing as a formal association of nationwide sociologists since then.

With more than 3,400 members, the GSA is the national professional organization for sociologists in Germany. The Executive Board and specialized research sections handle the GSA’s administrative duties. A code of ethics has been established by the German Sociological Association, which provides guidelines for greater integrity within the sociological profession.

Mission of DGS

The DGS seeks to foster intellectual dialogue among its members, the discussion of sociological issues, and involvement in the advancement of sociological knowledge.

German Sociological Association Membership

Anyone who has earned a scientific degree in sociology by coursework, research, the academic profession, or publication is eligible to join the DGS.

German Sociological Association Congress

The German Sociological Association Congress is organized by the DGS once every two years.

Details of the 41st DGS Congress are in 2022

  • 41st Congress of the German Sociology Society
  • Topic – “Polarized Worlds” will take place from
  • Date – September 26th to 30th, 2022
  • Venue – University of Bielefeld

German Sociological Association

STUDIUM Initiative of DGS and VHD

The DGS and the Association of German Historians have created a website gateway named STUDIUM. This program gives recent high school graduates a chance to learn more about undergraduate sociology and history courses offered at German institutions.

DGS SocioHub Initiative

Sociohub is the primary point of contact for literature search, communication, and sociology-specific information service.

Soziologie Journal

Athenaum Verlag released the first issue of Soziologie Journal as a double edition in 1972–1973. Since 2008 Campus Verlag has published the journal. The journal follows open access policy as it believes it will help sociologists broaden their knowledge all over the globe.

International outreach of DGS

DGS is a regular contributor to worldwide research activities in sociology and is a member of the European Sociological Association and the International Sociological Association

Social Media

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