Bangladesh Sociological Society

The Bangladesh Sociological Society is an organization of sociologists founded in 2003 to promote sociology in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh Sociological Society

Establishment of Bangladesh Sociological Society (BSS)

Bangladesh is a highly populated Asian nation with 161 million inhabitants. Bangladesh Sociological Society is an organization of Bangladeshi sociologists founded in 2003 to promote sociological education, research, and publishing in Bangladesh.

The society is an entirely academic, non-profit organization headquartered at the University of Dhaka and supported only by the donations of its members.

The mission of the Bangladesh Sociological Society

The society’s primary goal is to bring the work of Bangladeshi sociologists and Bangladeshi sociology to the attention of the international academic community.

Bangladesh Sociological Society

International networks of BSS

BSS is a national association member of the International Sociological Association and collaborates with the Indian Sociological Society.

Journal of BSS

The society’s principal publication is the Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology. Since its initial edition in January 2004, the peer-reviewed e-Journal has grown in prominence across the world.

Although the journal’s initial goals were to publish articles authored by Bangladeshi sociologists and collaborate toward a “Sociology of Bangladesh,” authors from other South Asian countries and African countries are now contributing a large portion of the articles published in the journal. It is a peer-reviewed publication that aims to reach a global audience over the internet.

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