Here’s What You Don’t Know About Carolyn Carruth Rizza

Carolyn Carruth Rizza 1944- 2022

Carolyn Carruth Rizza completed her graduation in psychology from Duke University. She went on to do a Master of Social Work from the University of North Carolina. She did her Ph.D. in Medical Sociology from Duke University.

She died at the age of 78 on 27th December 2022 from an autoimmune disease.

She was a professor at Slippery Rock University at retired in 1999. Also the head of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and social work. She was a former president of the AGHE (Association for Gerontology in Higher Education) and a board member of the Butler Visiting Nurses Association for over 20 years.

She also chaired the Equestrian Center Board, and her work will leave a mark on the Storm Harbor Equestrian Center and will do great things.

Her family donated money which renovates the West Hall of the university, which was built in 1900. It is the new Science and Technology Building. It is renamed after her and her husband, Paul. She was also part of the Equestrian Center advisory board. Mrs. Ethel Carruth of Houston, Texas, donated $2.5 million for the historical restoration.

She, along with her husband, has attended many Rotary conferences and backed many peace works of the Rotary programs.

She was always eager to ride and loved horse shows and riding them. She had many horses and won many awards for her horses.

She was a member of the Rolling Rock Hunt and Chagrin Valley Hunt and went out on foot with the Chagrin Valley Beagle pack.

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