Philadelphia to host American Sociological Association 2023 Meeting

About ASA

It is a known fact that American Sociological Association, abbreviated as ASA, is the world’s most powerful national-level sociological association. ASA is also the world’s third most powerful sociology organization after ISA and ESA. As a result, Americans see the annual meetings of the ASA with a lot of pride. Providence, Rhode Island, hosted the first ASA meeting. The 118th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association provides a forum for academics and other professionals interested in studying society to meet, share information, and debate emerging research and societal practice trends.

Date and Place of ASA Meeting

118th Annual Meeting is currently scheduled to be hosted in Philadelphia. School of Arts in the colleges under the University of Pennsylvania will have a tremendous organizational role in this meeting. The meeting is scheduled between August 17-21, 2023.

The theme of the ASA Meeting

The theme of the annual ASA conference is “The Educative Power of Sociology.” Sarah and Joseph Jr. Dowling, Professor of Sociology at Brown University, Prudence L. Carter, chose the theme for the conference.

Number of participants

During the annual conference of the American Sociological Association (ASA), about 600 programmed sessions are held to serve as an academic outlet for more than 3,000 sociology research papers, over 4,500 speakers, and 5,000 participants.


Participants in the meeting will be requested to adhere to the health and safety measures that the ASA Council has mandated. The guidelines will be published in December 2022 on ASA official website.

Registration fees

There will be a registration fee for the participants of the ASA meeting.

ASA pays respects to the land where the meeting will be hosted in 2023

ASA recognizes that they are present in the traditional, ancestral, and unceded land of the Lenapehoking, which includes groups that are both diasporic and descendants of the Lenape people. ASA recognizes that academic institutions and the nation-state were built upon and continue to conduct exclusions and erasures of Indigenous Peoples. This is something that has been going on from the beginning.

This acknowledgment by ASA shows a commitment to starting the process of cooperating to dismantle the ongoing legacies of settler colonialism and to recognize the hundreds of Indigenous Nations of the US that continue to resist, live, and uphold their sacred relations across their lands. This acknowledgment also recognizes those working to dismantle the legacies of settler colonialism. ASA also pays respect to Indigenous elders who have lived in the past, are living in the present, and will live in the future, and to people who have cared for our land over the years.

Opportunity for sociology graduates and students

ASA Meeting serves as a portal for job seekers looking to expand their connections among the sociological community. In addition, sociologists who attend the meeting can meet ASA office bearers and national-level scholars.


All ASA Committees and Task Forces convene at the annual conference.

International participants

Sociologists from European Sociological Association, Canadian Sociological Association, and other countries are expected to engage in the upcoming ASA meeting actively.

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