Criminologist Beatriz Magaloni awarded the Stockholm Prize

Stockholm Prize in Criminology

Beatriz Magaloni received the Stockholm Prize in Criminology; she is a senior at Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. The prize is given to those who do outstanding research work for reducing crime and promoting human rights. It was published on Tuesday, 18th October, that her work gave important information to the police, resulting in increased violence in society.

She conducted intense research in Mexico and Brazil to show how police work can lead to human rights violations and does not increase people’s safety. She talks about the complications involved in police work.

She is a professor of political science at the School of Humanities and Sciences. She got her law degree from Instituto Autonomo de Mexico and her Ph.D. from Duke University Political science. She is into teaching since 1999 at Stanford University.

Her previous work included violence, human rights, and poverty. She founded the Poverty, Violence, and Governance Lab in 2010, which focused on taking action research on various methodologies, interdisciplinary work, and ground research and training. Many students and scholars conduct interventions to reduce social issues like violence and abuse and also improve the justice system.

This award has shown the contributions of various lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, economists, and criminologists in this particular field. The prize money is 1,000,000 SEK given by the Swedish Ministry of Justice, the Torsten Soderberg Foundation, the Jerry Jee Foundation, and the Hitachi Mirai Foundation. Around 12-14 June 2023, the award ceremony will take place at Stockholm City Hall.

The jury members who gave the award included academics and practitioners. They select the nominations by three criminologists or society or organization involved in criminology.

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