Prudence L Carter elected as president of American Sociological Association

American Sociological Association 2021 Elections Prudence L Carter

ASA Elections – Prudence L Carter elected as head

American Sociological Association has published 2021 ASA election results recently. Prudence L Carter, Dean & Professor, Graduate School of the Education University of California, Berkeley, has been elected as 2022-2023 ASA President. The 2021 ASA elections opened on Tuesday, April 27, and closed on Friday, May 28.

Carter’s sociological research focuses on diverse factors that reduce social, economic, and cultural inequalities among various social groups in society and schools. In addition, she has highlighted various issues regarding gender, race, social stratification and ethnicity in the United States and global society.

Mignon Moore faculty from Barnard College, Columbia University, has been elected vice president of ASA. Prudence Carter will serve a one-year term as president-elect and a one-year term as president.

Secretary Treasurer-Elect of ASA is Monica McDermott, Arizona State University. She will serve one year term as Secretary Treasurer-Elect and then a three-year term as Secretary-Treasurer. Her sociological research focuses on social issues like race, class and identity in the United States.

Council Members of ASA include Cedric de Leon, Crystal Marie Fleming, Victor Ray, and Alyasah Ali Sewell.

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