Reversible Status

Reversible Status Sociology Definition


Reversible status is amorphous and may be attained or assigned in either way. Status may not alter at all if it is irreversible. Both attained status and attributed status include reversible and irreversible statuses.


To further define the terms “ascribed status” and “achieved status,” Leo F. Schnore has proposed the additional notions of “reversible status” and “irreversible status.”

According to Leo Francis Schnore, “reversible status” may shift in either direction and be “assigned” or “achieved”; for instance, a person’s income status can be high one year, low the next, and moderate the year after that.

Ascribed ReversibleAchieved ReversibleAscribed IrreversibleAchieved Irreversible
ReligionPlace of birth
Marital StatusKinship in family of orientation
Place of residenceRace
Kinship of family of procreation

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