Active Citizen

Active Citizen Sociology Definition


The word “active citizen” expresses a person’s obligations to other members of society. The idea is linked to New Right sociologists, who contend that rather than worrying about their rights, individuals should concentrate on how they may actively contribute to the welfare of society. Therefore, it stands in opposition to the notion of a dependence culture and represents a moral obligation on the part of individuals toward their fellow citizens.


They have a strong feeling of responsibility for their community and take part in several initiatives to improve the standard of living there. In addition, they participate in numerous welfare initiatives as volunteers for nonprofit organizations and other charitable organizations.

They encourage neighbors to show compassion for the people and animals in their community. Active citizens are not passive readers of the news.  They are thoroughly informed on their rights and obligations and regularly monitor newspapers and social media.

They actively participate in democratic procedures, including elections for schools, colleges, and local, state, federal, and union offices.

Fundamental Duties

In nations like India, the constitution provides basic obligations for all people. As essential responsibilities, it empowers people to take on active citizenship and gives them a moral duty to strive for the prosperity and unity of the country.

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