‘Abnormal’ refers to anything that deviates from a society’s or group’s typical behavior or social form, mainly when such deviation is referred to as maladjustment, maladaptation, or dysfunction. When behavior is unconventional or out of the ordinary, it consists of unwanted behavior, disrupting the individual’s functioning; it is deemed abnormal.

The problem of determining ‘normality’ arises in any sociological application of the term. Durkheim, for example, assumed that the functional form was also the typical social form at a particular stage of social development.

However, whereas functional normalcy and abnormality conceptualizations are pretty apparent in biological creatures, their applicability in society has been frequently questioned.

Sociologists have traditionally conceived individual and societal variability and divergence from established patterns of behavior in different ways than in terms of ‘normality and ‘abnormality,’ apart from Durkheim and functionalist sociology.

Abnormal behavior is behavior that deviates from societal, cultural, and ethical expectations. Age, gender, traditional, and societal categorizations all influence these expectations. Due to these subjective variables, the definition of abnormal behavior is a hotly debated topic in abnormal psychology.

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