Iranian Sociological Association

The Iranian Sociological Association is a non-profit institution that works in social research and debuted in 1991.
Iranian Sociological Association

History of the Iranian Sociological Association (ISA)

The Iranian Sociological Association is a non-profit institution that works in science, social research, and policy consultation that debuted in 1991.

Goals of the Iranian Sociological Association 

  • The major goal of ISA is knowledge generation and dissemination of sociology in Iran.
  • Compilation and dissemination of guidelines for scientific ethics, social norms, and methodological standards for sociologists in the Iranian community is another objective of ISA.
  • ISA targets expanding, improving, and enriching relationships amongst scientific groups in Iran.
  • ISA aims to foster a sense of dedication to social sciences among sociologists through the association’s activities.
  • ISA works towards promoting sociology’s prestige and usefulness in Iranian academics.

Policies of ISA Iran

  • The Iranian organization wants to improve communication between scientists and decision-makers in government, planning, and administrative agencies.
  • Implementing supporting and regulatory policies over researchers and research institutes is the goal of the Iranian association.
  • Outstanding publications in sociology are chosen, introduced, and supported by the organization.
  • ISA Iran’s primary agenda is to organize specialized and scientific conferences at the local, national, and worldwide levels.
  • Norms, concepts, and ethical standards for conducting sociological research investigations are being expanded upon and reinforced by ISA Iran.
  • ISA works towards making sociology relevant to social concerns in Iran by addressing the core issues and igniting dialogue about them.
  • ISA provides sociological training services to the public and business sectors to conduct scientific research in Iran.

Sociological Association of Iran

Research Groups of ISA Iran

Through its research groups, the Iranian Sociological Association carries out its primary operations in science and research. There are now 31 active Research Groups in relevant sociological fields under the Iranian Association.

  1. Social Impact Analysis
  2. Sociology of Film and Cinema
  3. Social Futurology
  4. Sociology of Rural and Nomad People
  5. Urban and Regional Sociology
  6. Sociology of Family
  7. Sociology of Morality
  8. Historical Sociology
  9. Sociology of Emotion
  10. Sociology of Art
  11. Economic Sociology
  12. Cultural Studies
  13. Sociology of Islamic Countries
  14. Political Sociology
  15. Sociology of Religion
  16. Sociology of Culture
  17. Sociology of Sport
  18. Sociology of Knowledge
  19. Welfare and Social Policy
  20. Philosophy of Social Science
  21. Research Methods and Methodology
  22. Women’s studies
  23. Sociology of Tourism
  24. Social Networks Analysis
  25. sociology of Iran
  26. Sociology of Health and Medicine
  27. Sociology of Development and Social Change
  28. Interpretative Sociology
  29. Sociology of Peace
  30. sociology of Poverty
  31. Social problems and Deviance

Iranian Sociological Association Publications

Publications of The Iranian Sociological Association include:

  • Quarterly publication of Iranian Journal of Sociology  
  • Quarterly publication of Journal of Iranian Social Studies
  • The latest books and articles presented and published during meetings/conventions organized by ISA Iran
  • The Association Newsletter is published once every two months.

International outreach of ISA Iran

In 2005, ISA Iran became a member of the International Sociological Association and the Association of Asian Social Science Research Council as part of its international engagement.

ISA Iran Membership 

Regular full membership, affiliate membership, student membership, and honorary memberships are the four membership types offered by ISA Iran.

ISA Iran Conferences 

ISA Iran has organized more than five conferences to date.

Periodical National conferences of ISA

  • Cultural and Societal Research of Iranian Society.
  • Theoretical and Conceptual Reflections on Iranian Society.
  • Societal Problems of Iran.
  • Social Thought and Society in the Middle East countries.
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