Xenophobia is the fear and extreme dislike of foreigners. It is the aversion to unfamiliar people in particular.

We feeling

Outsider and Insider thinking fuelled xenophobia. ‘We feeling’ among citizens may lead to ‘they feeling’.

Migration Issue

More migrants settling in new areas generates fear among the local population. As a result, locals develop an aversion to migrants. Xenophobic people tend to eliminate outgroups to preserve ethnic and national identity.

Guido Bolaffi

Italian sociologist Guido Bolaffi has rightly described xenophobia as the uncritical exaltation of different cultures.

COVID-19 and Anti Asia racism

COVID  has triggered anti-Asia racism in Western Europe and North America. Anti-China rhetoric has increased hate crimes against the Chinese community.

Extent of Xenophobia

Xenophobia is the extreme dislike of people of different races, ethnic communities, countries, religions, castes, classes, and cultures.


Authoritarian personality theory of Prejudice and Culture theory of Prejudice is the major reason attributed to increasing xenophobia. 

How to fight xenophobia

Xenophobia can be limited by accepting a multicultural and plural society of different races and religions. The fundamental right to equality should be equally available to all individuals in a nation.


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